Effective studying

You may be studying for many hours, but your results don’t appear to be as good as results of your classmates who claimed to take only a couple of minutes to memorize or understand. Why is that so? Well, there are many types of studying and you should dip into this topic and find which […]

The Big Bang, a disease

Hello terrestrials! It’s me again. I am a hundred per cent sure that sometime in your life you have ever been thinking about our universe-how it was created and stuff. Well, I guess everybody has a different theory. I took this idea and mixed it with sloths because they are cute and … well, who […]

How would my fictional planet look like?

Hello! I hope you are doing really well because I surely am, but let’s just leave that for now. We’re here because I think it’s a pretty good time to have a talk about fictional planets and stuff because now, when the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has just come out to our cinemas […]


 Your family is the most precious thing you have. The friends that you have today may not be your friends in the future but your family will always be your family. Some people make the mistake of not giving their family much attention and taking them for granted. Working abroad while your children are back […]

Believe In Your Talent

By Annamária Salanciová, Orindzik reporter My body was exhausted, but my mind was still fresh. I wanted to finish the painting I started last week. I couldn’t’t stop, even when it was half past ten.  Almost every late evening was connected with art.  Art has often helped me to get through everyday problems. Late nights seemed to […]