Technology – as I see it

Nowadays, we can see technologies and gadgets of any type on every corner. In my view many people depend on technology. Some gadgets are good for using, because they are helpful. But gadgets like games console, tablets or smartphones can take you too much time. For example, when you have to study to school, but you would rather pick the phone and check instagram, snapchat and facebook. That is not bad for five minutes, but when you are looking to your smartphone for longer time you can get dependent very easily. And I am not talking only about teenagers. I saw so many adults who are dependent. It seems to me, that they care only about profiles on social sites and don´t care about real life.

I believe that in fifty years from now, smartphones will be replaced by healthier gadgets. Maybe some gadgets won´t be here anymore. Who knows? On the other hand, things like digital radio, Bluetooth headset, Bluethooth speaker and MP3 player could stay. Because they are not bad for us. Digital radio is for playing music. Maybe it helps you get rid of stress or it just keeps you calm. MP3 player has similar usage. I use this tiny gadget. In my opinion, it is more advantageous than using a smartphone. You can put into your pocket and also you can download many songs into it. I would say, that you can copy some songs from your friend,too.  I don´t think it is bad because if you ask your friend and he agrees, it is OK.

As I see it, technologies give us comfort. We use them every single day. I would be glad if we watch out what all technologies are taking from us and I think if we are careful, they won´t impair us in any way.


written by Kristína Straková, 2.A

(correction: Barillová)

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Christmas time is coming and it is also related to giving presents to our families and friends. This is why I addressed some people and asked them two questions.

“What do you want for Christmas? “

  • The most common answer was money.
  • Clothes were on the second place.
  •  Smartphones and drugstore scored third place.
  • A few people said they have no idea what they want to get.

” What are you buying to your friends and family? “

There were different answers:

  •  Drugstore, socks, pyjamas, perfumes, candles, books and toys.
  • Often there was an answer “Nothing“.

Let´s ask ourselves a question:

“Are the presents really important?”

It depends.

Christmas is a festival of peace, family and love to each other. Presents aren´t important. It´s about an atmosphere when family is together.

But on the other side, every gift will please and it´s a proof that someone remembers you. The price of a present is not what matters. The most beautiful gift we can give to someone is giving him/her yourself. Listen, advise, help, embrace when someone needs it. Making someone smile, bringing pleasure, sitting at the bench at the house, drinking coffee or sharing a charm of the present moment are the best ways to show your loved ones how you care.


Sára Krivdová, 1.C

Jana Kotebrová, 1.C

Kristína Cmorejová, 1.A


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The Big Bang, a disease

Hello terrestrials! It’s me again. I am a hundred per cent sure that sometime in your life you have ever been thinking about our universe-how it was created and stuff. Well, I guess everybody has a different theory. I took this idea and mixed it with sloths because they are cute and … well, who doesn’t like sloths? Anyway, I really hope you will enjoy the story.

„I exactly don’t know when it had started. At the beginning, I thought it was just my paranoid feeling and it is not real, but from day to day my head is getting heavier and heavier.“ Bright blue fur of Nathaniel’s body sat next to his pinky life partner Miranda. A doctor in front of them with a stupid smile listened to him.
„Sloths are getting stressed these times. Our planet has been swallowed by technology. Maybe you should take a rest of it. My medicine is: No work, no computers, just a little essence of nature and overworked brain of yours will be working properly again“ skeptical Doctor Clearwater replied. Miranda gave him that serious look. „That’s ridiculous Doctor! We live a Greenpeace life. We would never use this unnatural and disgusting electricity … Ew!“ Doctor’s head took ashamed look. He felt really sorry for the young sloth-man in front of him because he was not able to help him. His self-confidence was ruined by this fact.
„I am sorry ma’am. There is one thing I can do. I am going to pick up a phone and call to, you know … a kind of SOS number. Hope we will find a perfect way to help your husband.“
„We are not married.“

Miranda and Nathaniel left an ambulance without any results. So, they went home. It was quite difficult for Nathaniel to move. Finally, their favorite elder tree appeared. As every night they connected their spirits with primeval forest and dreamed their sweet lucid dreams.

Days passed and nothing has got better. Temperament Miranda decided to go to Doctor Clearwater’s ambulance again. She was full of power and anger because this “revolutionary technology world“ was just a useless bullshit.
„It is not his fault my love. He did what he could. Don’t blame him for the system of this society.“
Powerless Nathaniel disheartened by his heavy shoulders found last cells of hope inside him.

„Hello my green friends!“ the doctor welcomed them with successful feeling inside him because the SOS number had worked, which is a rarely thing. „If you remember, I used the SOS number on our last appointment. It worked of course and I have found this nice soul. She is willing to solve your problem if you go to her laboratory on 3th moon of our planet. Hope you will have a great adventure!“ Afterwards, the sentence was spoken and new hope was born.

The 3th moon of the planet, where life partners Nathaniel and Miranda lived, was the centre of science. Surface was bright white and subway ashy and black. It was also a graveyard down there.

The nice soul was immediately prepared to welcome life partners. They jumped out from transporting ship and met that purple sloth face with round glasses. Her smile showed black space between her teeth. They exchanged a few words and went to doctor’s ambulance. „Doctor Carrieta Drysuop“ as she introduced herself started dialog:
„The SOS number works like this: Doctor calls if he comes across an unusual case. You are an interesting case, Nathaniel.“
„Thanks doctor, it is an honour, I think.“Nathaniel replied.
„Let me solve this for you …“ Doctor Drysoup got strangely excited about it.

Final scene comes a few hours later, when Nathaniel is already examined. He is lying on a desk in the room for the most special cases of all times. He is completely powerless. He lived to see his unfortunate destiny. Doctor Drysoup’s words are exterminating his whole reality.
„I don’t think you are going anywhere, Nathaniel. Do you really think I would lose this unique chance? No, silly. Just imagine all that innocent planets inhabited by parasites with souls capable of loving. You are a universe now. Honoured by the Big Bang. A disease.“ So this is his life. He is soil and the galaxies are  flowers. Under his eyebrows, or even inside his nostrils, he feeds life by itself. A disease that occupies your whole substance called Big Bang fell in love with Nathaniel. Wow, look into the corner of his left underarm, it is our Earth!

Veronika Gregoriková I.C

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How would my fictional planet look like?

Hello! I hope you are doing really well because I surely am, but let’s just leave that for now. We’re here because I think it’s a pretty good time to have a talk about fictional planets and stuff because now, when the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has just come out to our cinemas ( first ran December 15th) it is on point, right? I have already seen it and it was hillarious! As expected, Rogue One is set into the Star Wars universe some time after the events of Star Wars: Episode III. – Revenge of the Sith.

But now, let’s leave that one and try to have a look somewhere very deep into your imagination and build a brave new world somewhere in a galaxy far, far away…

Stroudelia, a little planet surrounded by five moons, orbited its axis complacently. Its beauty added an orb which looked like freckles from the ground. Stroudelia was such a magnificent place. It didn’t have any specific color because her shiny surface was warning by an unusual kind of star. It was holographic. Heaven seemed lavender because of special atmosphere. It covered nights on it with dark, most magical purple far and wide.
Citizens, mostly artists and melancholics, usually spent here their whole lives because, where can you find more peaceful place to live? The planet was like a Gay Pride Parade by itself. Stroudelia loved her citizens irrespective of race or teeth size. It had the biggest heart in the universe. Literally. It didn’t just exist. It had its lungs to breathe, its brain to think, its heart to love. And it was using its superpowers to protect. The planets, they live. They always do. But in the galaxy where it lived, not every planet was so kind and nice like Stroudelia. We could liken that relationship to the Solar system from galaxy called Milky Way. Stroudelia was so pure and innocent like Pluto, which was expelled violently. Jealousy is the quality that started everything. But the great and horrible war is to be described another time. Eventually, when the planet survived too many attacks and was too old to make it, its eyes started closing and tears started to flow. Its color started getting more gray. That process aliens marked as the most beautiful work of art in history. Stroudelia showed how pretty dying could be. Pure and aesthetic.

And what about you? How would your fictional planet look like? Who is your favorite character from Star Wars?


Veronika Gregoriková  1.C

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 Your family is the most precious thing you have. The friends that you have today may not be your friends in the future but your family will always be your family. Some people make the mistake of not giving their family much attention and taking them for granted.

Working abroad while your children are back home can be difficult. It means missing out on certain aspects and events in their lives. You literally miss some of the growing up years of your kids, no matter how regularly you try to keep in touch with them. You fear that your children will get into trouble or stop respecting your authority as a parent. It can be difficult even with your partner because you will distant from them. You will not see each other every day and there can be a problem with a lack of trust. You can start arguing about everything. Basis of the relationship are trust and communication.

Here are some solutions to family problems:

1. Communication - is the key and often the first step to finding solutions. Be calm and honest about your concerns when discussing your problems with a loved one.
2. Accept differencies – it can help you avoiding unnecessary conflicts if you can recognise that people have different ideas, opinions, beliefs and you may not always be in agreement.
3. Have fun together – even when things are difficult it is important to find the time to have fun with your loved ones.
4. Get help – you may not always be able to solve your problems by yourself so you may need to talk to your friends or parents.
5. Have some rituals – like texting „I love you“, traditions such as going to the same restaurant on every anniversary.

Think of your family today and every day there after, don´t let the busy world of today keep you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family.

Kika Hurtuková (4.C)

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Believe In Your Talent

By Annamária Salanciová, Orindzik reporter

My body was exhausted, but my mind was still fresh. I wanted to finish the painting I started last week.

I couldn’t’t stop, even when it was half past ten.  Almost every late evening was connected with art.  Art has often helped me to get through everyday problems. Late nights seemed to be the best times for my creativity.

However, not today. You surely know the feeling when you have to do something   completely nutty and difficult. It’s like when you’re standing on the cliff and you want to jump into the sea.  You ask yourself: “Why did I participate in this? What a crazy and stupid idea!“

Well, I felt the same way for last three weeks. The reason my fear was so close to me was because it was not my idea. “Mr. Cooper, if you knew how many difficulties I had and how much work I have to do every single day! But thank you for your strict and hopeful words.“
I used to improve my art skills to midnight.  The time when everything is silent and calm and I don’t have any more duties. The time when I sink into another world.

My deepest feelings are uncovered on paper and canvas. Brushes, pencils and colours speak instead of me. And they say more than I was ever supposed to. This was the most amazing moment that made me feel free every evening. I decided to study it.
The dark night was floating around me.  It came to my humble room and slowly filled my mind and made my eyes close. I just woke up, when the flash of morning sun stroked my face.

“Damn it! I fell asleep,”- what an angry mood. I will be late for school! I jumped from the chair quickly. My neck hurt so much and I didn’t know how I was going to handle this.
“Alice, where are you? It’s time for school,“ grandma was shouting from downstairs.  I think I have never been so fast. After my everyday morning routine I took my bicycle and went to school.I met up with Jacob in front of the school. He has been my good friend since we were little kids.

He used to travel to school by bicycle.
“How long did you study for the history test?“
My cheerful mood suddenly changed into consternation.
“History test? Today?!“
“Yes, don’t you remember it?“
“No! It was supposed to be on Wednesday, wasn‘t it?“
“No, we’re taking the test today.“
“Oh , no!“
“Don’t panic! We have a free lesson today- you can study during it. “
That made me feel calm again.
“So, how about your admission exams? What’s the date?“
“The tests are tomorrow. I have been preparing for them since October. “
Why did he remind me of the tests? I was afraid again.
“I think you will master it- your drawings are beautiful!“
“And the paintings, too! “ said Eva. We didn’t notice her and she scared us. It’s her vice to scare people sometimes.
“Thank you, my friends! It would be really helpful if you were in the jury. But you won’t be there, evidently, so I have to do my best. “
“Our fingers are crossed for you, Alice!“ they said together. They make me smile whenever I need it.

While we were entering the school, the bell suddenly rang, and we had to run to the classroom. We found it, opened the door, and quickly realized that it was not the right one.
“Sorry!“ I said to the teacher and ran away. We found our classroom a bit late. The teacher was furious because we were supposed to take the test at that lesson. She was one of the strictest teachers in our school, and she always gave us the worst marks. She refused to give us the test. We were looking at our classmates and thinking how to save our marks.
“Eva! I knew this would be an awful day!“
“How did you know it?“
“I have forgotten my lucky amulet today, and the horoscope told me about this day!“
“Oh, Alice, not again. This day has just started. You‘ll see, it’ll be a perfect day!”
Honestly, it was a terrible day. The history test was difficult and I wasn’t prepared well for it. I fell on the stairs and spilled the cup of tea I was carrying. The lunch was disgusting. In the afternoon, it started raining, and I realized I had forgotten to take my umbrella. I had to go home by bike.  All this happened because of my amulet. I didn’t wear it just today and look what happened to me!

What a terrible day! And what about tomorrow? I need to have a look at my horoscope. When I found it, it was quite good. It didn’t suggest any unlucky situations. I can’t exactly say when I started reading horoscopes, wearing amulets, and noticing things like broken mirrors and black cats. My beliefs came slowly, and I accepted them all, even if the society has often judged me.

Where are you, my amulet? It was lying on the desk near the art history books. I learned much from them for tomorrow’s tests.  I didn’t know what to do for it anymore. Almost everybody knew I was terrified. They helped me and wished me the best. I could only revise some art theory, have a good sleep, and take my amulet.  I opened the books, but I felt it wouldn´t help me. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Success or failure. Happiness or sadness. Art University or nothing.  Maybe my whole effort will be useless. I have tendencies to fail in important situations. I can’t do my best when the nervousness comes to my mind. It rules me, and I am not able to master it. And maybe that’s why I rely on my amulet. It was an old necklace with a small horseshoe.  I have believed it will always bring me happiness.
I was sitting on my bed and looking on the necklace when my grandma came to the room.
“Hi, Alice. How was your day?“

“What a great question”, I thought.
“Hm, it was quite ok, Grandma.“
“I know you’re terrified about tomorrow. I felt the same a long time ago. The only useful words I can give you now are to be yourself. Nothing more, Alice. Tomorrow will happen somehow. Don’t be afraid.“ I felt she meant it truly.
I didn’t do anything that evening. I just prepared for the exam and went to sleep.

“Good luck!“ were the last words I heard when I was leaving home.
I came to the train station and waited for the morning train. I couldn´t stop thinking about the tests. What if I pick the worst questions ever or forget how to draw? But on the other hand, I felt it wouldn´t be so bad. My horoscope wished me the best, too, and my amulet was close to me.  It made me feel safe and calm.  The landscape was beautiful, but the journey seemed to me so long. Although I was under pressure, I had quite positive feelings about today. When I got off the train I walked to the university through a beautiful park. The sun was shining, birds were gliding, and the smell of spring was in the air.

“What a nice day, I’d paint it if I had time… Wait, what is it?!“  I saw a black cat crossing the path. I immediately called Eva, because she was on break.
“Eva! Something bad happened again!“
“Oh! Did you miss the train? Or did you take the wrong one?“
“No! Something worse! A black cat crossed my path!
“Alice, seriously?“
“Can you imagine how many black cats in the whole world are crossing paths right now?
“Yes, but…“

“All the stars, horoscopes, and amulets cannot have influence on YOU, your talent, and knowledge! A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere. You would be much better if you believed more in yourself than in all that stuff. Alice, you’re talented. Don’t allow all these things to steal your talents from you.“

We ended the call and it made me wonder.

I came to the university. It was a beautiful building.

But I was still thinking about the conversation. I have never heard words like that. All the time, people only talked about my naivety, but Eva said something awesome and gave me more courage. I saw a lot of nervous students waiting in the hall. The first part of the tests was drawing. Some professors invited us to big classrooms where the papers were lying on the desks and the pencils with rubbers were ready for drawing.

“Sit there,“ said one of them to me, and he went on talking: “You have a beautiful necklace.“
“ Thank you… but I think I won’t need it anymore.“ I put down the amulet from my neck and gave it to the professor.
“I can’t accept it. Are you sure you won’t need it?“
“Yes, NOW, I’m totally sure …


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