A champion is defind

not by their wins

but by how they can

 recover when they fall.

-Serena Williams

We all have some dreams. But what are we doing to achive them?

I think, that we all try hard to do so. I can tell you that all of us are going to fall. Maybe once and lightly or hundred times and hard. Again, again and again.

But you know what makes us stronger?

To get up from the ground, and stand up for ours dreams.

I am not there yet, but I´m still trying and I know, that I´m still going to try.

Maybe not today or even this year. But I know, that once I get there. I´ll be so much stronger that I am today and I´ll be proud on myself.





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It´s not our job to play judge and jury, to determine who is worthy of our kindness and who is not. We just need to be kind, unconditionally and without ulterior motive, even- or rather, especially- when we´d prefer not to be.

-Josh Radnor

Be kind to one another.

If you´ll be kind, the people around you will notice. And they will change. They´ll become better people too.

But even if they do not, you´ll be the better person. Because you´ll be kind…

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If speaking kindly to plants

helps them grow,

imagine what speaking kindly

to humans can do


Words are a powerful weapon. You can hurt with them so badly. But you can make someones day better too. Everyone has this weapon and everyone can use it. So, let´s use it, but not for harm.

Let´s use words like a medicine for a soul. Let´s be doctor and help people around us by saying good things.

It can be really heplful.

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Yesterday I was clever, so I

Wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I

am changing myself.


If you think that the world is a bad place and even the people around you.

Don´t try to change it. It´s pointless. We don´t have such power as changing other people. But we can change ourselves, change our point of view on the world.

Let´s start there…


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Only I can change my life.

No one can do it for me.

-Carol Burnett


Standing up. It is so hard even if it doesn´t look like it.

Stand up for yourself. Your decisions and your dreams. Stand up for your goal. And after fall, stand up even higher.


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And now that you

don´t have to be


you can be good.

-John Steinbeck

Everyone has some flaws. We could try to hide them but, where is the point in that?

We are who we are and we are not perfect. Let´s make something clear,  perfection does not exist (big secret exposed). So, don´t try to be someone else. Someone ´´perfect.´´

Just be yourself, with your own flaws.



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