Memories of Ima3cooly 2015

By Alexandra Opremčáková

As it happens every year new and new students come to our school  and become a part of our “orange-gympel  family“.

Yes, the freshmen.

Those  cute little freshmen, who walk on school  corridors desoriented, trying to find the right classroom (what is still sometimes a problem for us, older students, though  :D) And…..The older students usually make fun of them .

To become a really valuable member of this „family“ they must  go through different  funny challenges and tasks which older students prepared for  them.

Ima3cooly 2015 took place in Kino Mier in Spisska Nova Ves on October, 23rd.The presenters were Matej Hovan  3rd  E class, and Klaudia Farkašovská  3rd C class, who moderated the show in a very original and funny way. The show started at 4.00 p.m. and was full of funny and crazy scenes and tasks. Our youngest students, for example, had to get through the obstacle course blindfolded, transfer coins by their lips to the lips of their partner, or taste various types of food and then guess what type of food it was. Not only students but also teachers took part in the show. One of the favourite performances was that of our American Fullbright assistant Ashley who recited the poem Mor ho! in Slovak. Videos made by our students could not miss, of course.

Here are some reactions of our youngest students:

Ima3cooly 2015

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Interviews with our guests from abroad!

More than a month ago we had a special guests here at our school. The students from our partner schools visited us and attended an international workshop. We decided to ask them some questions!


Natalia Stachoň

Hi Natalia, tell us something about you.
My name is Natalia Stachoň. I am 17 years old and I am studying biology and chemisty at a lyceum.
What are your hobbies?
I play violin and bass in art school . My whole family sing, dances and plays some musical instruments so thats the reason why I love folk music. I am in a folk group.
Where do you live ?
I live in Podegrodzie. It’s about 9 km from Nowy Sacz.
Do you see some differences between our schools?
Well, your school is much bigger than ours. You have better English skills, and you study English for more years than we do .
What do you like about Slovakia ?
I like Poprad, but I like Spišská Nová Ves, too. What I like most about your city is the tower of your church. The view from the tower is incredible! I really like High Tatras, too.
What you don’t like about Slovakia?
I like everything here. But I like the most the family which is taking care of me right now, because they give me food whenever I want (smiling). I like their dog Charlie! You have really nice and kind teachers.

Patryk Faltyn

Hello, what’s your name?
My name is Patryk Faltyn. I came to Slovakia to visit your school and your city.
What are your favourite activities in your free time?
I like tours in the mountains, and I really like to do motocross.
What do you like about Slovakia?
I really like your mountains, and the family which I stay with right now.
Do you play any musical instrument?
Yes, I do. I play guitar, accordion, violin, saxaphone and bass.

Klaudia Faron

Hello, can you tell us some information about you?
I am 17 years old. I like to sing. I have two dogs, and I really like music – specifically Metal and Funk.
Do you see some differences between Slovakia and Poland?
Not so much, because we are really similar countries. But your school is prettier than ours.
What would you like to do in your future?
I would like to graduate, and then I want to study at Krakow University.

Katka Gburíková (1.C)


A girl named Eszter answered some of our question. Let’s look what does she think about her short stay in our town.

How was your first impression like when you came to Slovakia?
I was impressed. Slovakia is very beautiful country and honestly, I would’t think it could be this beatufil. It’s like Hungary, but even more bueatiful.
How did you come here?
We came here by bus and it took 8 hours. We even had little accident, but everyone is okay.
What do you like the most about our school? Do you like the atmosphere?
School is very nice, but there is no big difference between your and mine school. Also students, which we spent Friday time with, were very kind and helpful. They took us to nice places. We were in Pizzeria and in tea house Alchymka, where it was very cosy. It was fun. Also we have been on church tower, where is very impressive view.

Valéria Mikolajová (2.A)
Paula Ševčíková (2.C)

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Halloween: Trick or Treat!

What is Halloween? It is actually a big event in America and in a lot of another countries on 31st October. In the past, people used to call this eve: “All Saint’s Eve”, but today this eve is practised only in Christian families. Other families celebrate Halloween.

“All Saint’s Eve”- the day when you are supposed to remember the death of people you loved, including saints and everyone dead from your family.

Some typical Halloween habits include activities like parties where you have to wear masks, decorating houses, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, pranking friends and telling each other scary stories.

Our school is taking care of our education about traditions of English – speaking countries, and that´s the reason why we will have Halloween Day in our school. Everyone (students and teachers) is supposed to wear a costume this day. This Halloween day will be on October 28. You can expect a day full of fun and fear! After this Halloween day we have autumn holidays! 

At the end, we wish you big fun. We hope you will have scary and funny masks,

Kate and Anne

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Rafael – our exchange student from Brasil!

Even though Rafael came to Slovakia only some weeks ago, he has already many friends here and he plays for the local football team. He is studying in our school this school year and we asked him some questions so that we know more about him!


1. Hi Rafael! We know that you’re an exchange student from Brazil so tell us something more about yourself.
Hi! So my full name is Rafael Vieira da Silva and I’m 16 years old. I was born in Sao José dos Campos – a beautiful city in the state Sao Paulo. Before I came to Slovakia I was living in Joinville in Brazil. I have an older brother but here I have 3 younger siblings so I’m learning how to be an older brother to them. It is a great experience.

2. What do you think about our food? Do you like food in our school canteen?
It’s really different from Brazilian food but I like it and yes, the school canteen is very good!

3. Did you already learn some Slovak words?
The first word I learned was DOBRE but now I know others like: čau, čo, ahoj, počkaj, pohoda, ako sa máš, teraz…..and I’m still learning!

4. How do you feel in the class of III.E?
They are a very good class. I’ve already made good friends. They are always helping me and making me happy.

5. How do you feel about education?
Even though I don’t understand a word – most of time I think it’s fine.

6. Do you have big troubles communicating?
Once I caught a wrong bus to the school so I asked a woman where is this bus going. However, she didn’t understand me. So yes, sometimes I have troubles communicating.

7. How do you like Slovak girls?
Slovak girls are really beautiful!

8. Which places did you visit in Slovakia?
I’ve visited Slovak Paradise, Spišský hrad and Bratislava yet.

9. How are you spending your free time?
I am playing for Smižany footbal team. I am also spending time with my “new siblings” playing video games, going to the gym or going for a walk.

10. Are you planning to go to the school ball?
Sure, it will be amazing! I am going with another exchange student from the USA – Catrin. She is also here in Spišská but on the Gymnasium Javorová.

Rafael, thanks for the interview and have a great school year here in Slovakia!

Natália Smatanová (3.E) and Ingrid Jančiarová

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Meet Ashley, our new teacher from the United States!

Hi Ashley, we are happy and proud to have you in our school. Can you please tell us something about yourself?

1.Where do you come from?

I am from Ona, West Virginia in the United States. However, the past two years I taught in Jacksonville, Florida.

2.Do you have any siblings?

I have two older half-brothers.

3.What are your hobbies?

I enjoy travelling, reading, exploring Slovakia, horseback riding, and trying new things!

4. What university did you graduate from?

I graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

5. Why did you decide to come to Slovakia?

I came to Slovakia through the Fulbright program, which operates in many countries. I did not have to know Slovak to come here, but I was excited to learn a new language, go to a unique country, and be in a place where I could travel around Europe easily.

6. Do you like our country? How do you feel here? What do you like the most and the least in our country?

I love being in Slovakia! Everyone has been very friendly, and the food is amazing. My favorite and least favorite things are the same: the food. I love the food, but I am eating so much that I am sure I will gain weight!

7. Can you please compare lifestyle in Slovakia and in the United States?

My lifestyle in Slovakia much more active than it was in the United States. In the United States I was always busy with work and drove to and from work. Here, I walk to work, and I have more time to relax and enjoy the nature in Slovakia. It seems to me that people are more stressed and obsessed with work in the United States than they are here.

8. Are there any differences in educational system between Slovakia and USA?

Unless students attend a private school, all students go to public schools that are based on where you live. There are not different types of schools, like gymnaziums or vocational schools, in the United States; all public schools are supposed to be the same. Also, students do not stay with the same group like they do here. There are also more standardized tests in the United States.

9. According to you, what are the students in Slovakia like?

Students in Slovakia have been willing to do the work assigned to them and are willing to help each other. In the United States, students want to be the best and are not interested in helping their classmates. Students here are also more considerate and friendly. For example, in one of the classes I needed a marker, and a student brought one to me without me asking. That would not happen in the United States.

10. What do you miss most about United States?

I miss Reese’s and Hershey’s chocolate! I also miss my parents and friends, but I talk to them every day on the internet and phone.

11. Do you have any troubles communicating in English in Slovakia?

There are not many people here except for the students and some teachers who speak English, so yes I often have trouble communicating. When I wanted to buy a blender, I tried to act out what a blender does to the woman at the shop, but she tried to give me a coffee maker instead. Also, on more than one occassion I have bought food that wasn’t what I thought it was. You live and you learn!

Ashley, thank you very much for the interview! We wish you ALL THE BEST and a successful school year!

Lenka Stoláriková (4.E) and Ingrid Jančiarová

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Kosenamen – welche klingen am besten?

In slowakischer Sprache sind typisch Kosenamen wie zum Beispiel Katka oder Peťko. Meiner Meinung nach ist es sehr nett, jemanden mit Kosenamen anzureden. Die Hochbetagten fühlen sich gleich jung und anderem bringt es ein tolles Gefühl, dass sie für jemanden wichtig sind. Die Kosenamen sind vor allem bei Heranwachsenden verbreitet, die verliebt sind. Es ist unglaublich, wie viele Kosenamen man ausdenken kann. Das Kätzchen, das Käferlein, der Liebling, der Schatz oder die Prinzessin. Auch bei uns klingen manche Kosenamen doof oder sogar wie ein Klitsche. Ich finde es ganz blöd, wenn sich alte Generation in der Öffentlichkeit so anredet. Sie sollen sich dann nicht wundern, dass sie auf sich die Aufmerksamkeit der Vorbeigehenden ziehen. Es macht mir nichts aus, wenn die Jugendlichen sich schön oder höflich nennen. Für mich ist origineller Kosename von meinem Chef, der mich „Junior“ nannte. Ich muss immer lächeln, wenn ich es höre. Außerdem fühle ich mich einzigartig, weil ich der jüngste in der Kollektiv bin. So ist meine Stellungnahme zum diesen Thema. Über Geschmack kann man aber nicht streiten.

Michal Vasko, 4.A

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