Interview with a TV reporter

Hi our readers! We had a great day last week! On 10th May, 2012 there was a presentation of our project: About us – not only for us (more about it in Editorial – Older Entries). We are not going to describe the presentation (even though it was really amazing) as we are preparing an article for […]

2nd Interview

Do you know our headmaster Mr. Kačenga? You have a chance to know him better. He shared with us some of his student memories. By Vladimíra Frajštáková Where did you study and what are your secondary school memories? I attended ZŠ Ondreja Bendíka and Grammar school in Levoča and I have very nice memories from those times. As […]

Do you like „Halušky?“

An interview  with an Australian exchange student Lewis Saymour by his classmates from the 3.E class. Lewis has been in Slovakia for almost five months.     I: Do you like halusky? L: Of course, I’m sure I like all of the Slovak food I have tried. Everything except sour milk I think. I: What […]

1st Interview

Hello there! This is the first interview on this page (hope it’s not the last one ;)) and I made it with our new English teacher- Mrs. Barillová. I tried to make an interview especially about EB (Editorial Board= the thing we are doing ;))- the  present and the future of this project. So here […]