Meet Julieta – our exchange student

Tell us something more about yourself.

My name is Julieta, I’m 18 and I’m from Colombia. I consider myself an extrovert and I’m a joyful person. My greatest passion are the arts, I adore singing, dancing and acting.

How and why did you get into the exchange program?

To be honest since I was a very little kid I always wanted to be away from home on my own. As I grew up this feeling increased and when I reached my last school year I was just desperate to go very far away. Fortunately my mom had a close friend who was member of the rotary club which is currently in charge of my exchange.

What are your expectations?

My expectations as an exchange student are to get to know a new culture and of course to have the greatest year of my life. Also I see this year as a great opportunity to get to know myself better and to acquire more responsibility.

How do you spend your time here?

Besides going to school I attend dancing lessons in the art school and singing in a choir in Košice. Also I have been able to make a lot of friends who make my time here much more funny and busy.

What do you like the most of our country?

Until now I have enjoyed a lot of your beautiful nature and this beautiful town, I also love that people have been really welcoming and nice to me. Oh and of course, I adore Horalky. :D

Do Slovak people surprise you in some ways?

In my country I’m very used to hugs and contact with people that I appreciate, it is something really common. Something that was a little shocking for me is that people here are a little more serious, they don’t like contact that much and I’m trying to get use to it. But it has been really nice to see that the friends that I have made until now started hugging me because they know it was something I really miss.

We know that you already graduated, what do you think about Slovak schooling system?

It is not that different than in my school in Colombia. The only difference is that in Colombia we had the option to stay after class doing activities that we liked.

Do you like Slovak cuisine?

I have found that it is very different to my typical cousine, and even though I don’t like everything I can say that I love goulash and spinach halušky.

Julieta, thanks for the interview and we wish you a great year here in Slovakia with us.

Lenka Zentková (4.E)

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Interviews with our guests from abroad!

More than a month ago we had a special guests here at our school. The students from our partner schools visited us and attended an international workshop. We decided to ask them some questions!


Natalia Stachoň

Hi Natalia, tell us something about you.
My name is Natalia Stachoň. I am 17 years old and I am studying biology and chemisty at a lyceum.
What are your hobbies?
I play violin and bass in art school . My whole family sing, dances and plays some musical instruments so thats the reason why I love folk music. I am in a folk group.
Where do you live ?
I live in Podegrodzie. It’s about 9 km from Nowy Sacz.
Do you see some differences between our schools?
Well, your school is much bigger than ours. You have better English skills, and you study English for more years than we do .
What do you like about Slovakia ?
I like Poprad, but I like Spišská Nová Ves, too. What I like most about your city is the tower of your church. The view from the tower is incredible! I really like High Tatras, too.
What you don’t like about Slovakia?
I like everything here. But I like the most the family which is taking care of me right now, because they give me food whenever I want (smiling). I like their dog Charlie! You have really nice and kind teachers.

Patryk Faltyn

Hello, what’s your name?
My name is Patryk Faltyn. I came to Slovakia to visit your school and your city.
What are your favourite activities in your free time?
I like tours in the mountains, and I really like to do motocross.
What do you like about Slovakia?
I really like your mountains, and the family which I stay with right now.
Do you play any musical instrument?
Yes, I do. I play guitar, accordion, violin, saxaphone and bass.

Klaudia Faron

Hello, can you tell us some information about you?
I am 17 years old. I like to sing. I have two dogs, and I really like music – specifically Metal and Funk.
Do you see some differences between Slovakia and Poland?
Not so much, because we are really similar countries. But your school is prettier than ours.
What would you like to do in your future?
I would like to graduate, and then I want to study at Krakow University.

Katka Gburíková (1.C)


A girl named Eszter answered some of our question. Let’s look what does she think about her short stay in our town.

How was your first impression like when you came to Slovakia?
I was impressed. Slovakia is very beautiful country and honestly, I would’t think it could be this beatufil. It’s like Hungary, but even more bueatiful.
How did you come here?
We came here by bus and it took 8 hours. We even had little accident, but everyone is okay.
What do you like the most about our school? Do you like the atmosphere?
School is very nice, but there is no big difference between your and mine school. Also students, which we spent Friday time with, were very kind and helpful. They took us to nice places. We were in Pizzeria and in tea house Alchymka, where it was very cosy. It was fun. Also we have been on church tower, where is very impressive view.

Valéria Mikolajová (2.A)
Paula Ševčíková (2.C)

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Thomas & Fatima

Dear readers, we´ve made an interview with this-year exchange students Thomas and Fatima just for you!

Interview with Thomas Newman:

1. Where do you come from?

I am from Sevierville, Tennessee. Tennessee is in the southern part of the United States of America.


2. Could you introduce your country to our readers?

The United States is a large country in North America. The population of my country is around three hundred fifteen million, and the population of Tennessee is about six million. Our government is a federal republic, and it consists of fifty states and three colonies.


3. Was it hard to decide to go to visit foreign country and stay there for almost a year?

I have always loved to travel, and when I was younger my family had several exchange students in our house, so I knew very early that it was something I would want to do. The idea of staying for a year was a little scary at first, but after the first few days everything starts to settle down.


4. What was your first impression like when you came to Slovakia?

The drive from Kosice to Spisska Nova Ves was so beautiful, so I had the best first impression. I loved Spisska the first time I saw it.


5. Do you have any siblings? How did your family accept the fact you are going to be in foreign country for a longer time?
I have one sister, and she is almost sixteen years old. My family was very supportive in my decision to leave for one year, and they seem to be handling everything at home just fine without me.


6. What do you like the most about our country, city and school?

I love the history of Slovakia. I have always liked history, and I love learning more about yours. I love how I can walk to school here in Spisska, at home I have to drive myself to school. School is great, everyone is so nice to Fatima and I. We would have been so lost if our classmates weren’t so willing to help us and explain things to us.


7. What is the family you live in right now like?

I live with Jakub Panulin, his parents, and his grandmother. They are the best host family I could have hoped for. They have been treating me like one of their family, and it has really helped me avoid feeling homesick.


8. What do you miss the most about your home?

I miss the food from my home a lot. And I know everyone thinks that all we eat is McDonald’s, but that’s not really true. I miss eating our traditional foods with my parents and grandparents.


9. Do you like our national cuisine? What do you like the most?

I love the food here so much. I like pirohi the most, but everything I have tried has been really good so far.


10. Have you ever been to the High Tatras? Are you planning to visit them  (again)?

I went on a trip with my class to the High Tatras, and we went hiking and saw the Green Lake. I would like to return back if I can.


11. Can you imagine you would live in Slovakia in future?

Since I still don’t understand Slovak much, it would be hard for me to imagine living here. As my Slovak gets better, I’m sure I could see myself living here.



Interview with Fatima Sanchez:

1. Tell us please some basic information about your (your age, where do you come from, how many siblings so you have, etc.)

My name is Fátima Sánchez, I´m 18 and I´m from Argentina. I live in the north-east, my city is called Posadas. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, all of them older than me.


2. Can you please tell us the main reasons why you decided to come to Slovakia as an exchange student?

I decided to come because I saw it like a good way to see life from another point of view. It´s all different.


3. How do you like your time in Slovakia so far? What about the school – do you like it here?

Slovakia is a really nice country, I´m having a great time since I´ve arrived. Well, the school is one of the biggest differences… I´ve already finished school in my country, but I´ve never liked it, there teachers are mean and school is too strict. Here it´s much better, I enjoy it.


4. What are the main differences between this country and your country? (people, nature, habits,…)

The first difference that I´ve noticed is that here you take off your shoes when you are going to enter to a house! Then the food, it´s completely different, it´s hard for me to get to use to eat it. I didn´t like soups until I came here, soup is everywhere here.


5. What are your plans for the future?

Hard question. I´ll go to university when I some back. I´ll have to have a routine and be like normal people again. But I really have no idea what I´m going to study yet.



Thank you very much!

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Interview with a TV reporter

Hi our readers!

We had a great day last week! On 10th May, 2012 there was a presentation of our project:

About us – not only for us (more about it in Editorial – Older Entries).

We are not going to describe the presentation (even though it was really amazing) as we are preparing an article for the Korzar daily. We would rather offer you an interview made with a nice TV reporter Martina Šmotková.


Did you like our presentation?

Yeah, it was short, last a few minutes. It was really interesting. There are students from the first to the third grade and I appreciate their approach and dedication because I can see in my job that young people are often lazy and they don´t want to do anything. You did it well!


Which part of our presentation did you like best?

I enjoyed everything, from the begining till the end.


What do you think about Orindžik?

Overall, I would evaluate it very positively. The presentation, the articles and graphics were done very nicely.


Which category did you like best?

Every. I was interested mainly in students´ enthusiasm.


If you had the opportunity to participate in the competition like the students of our school, would you join it?

Of course!



Thank you for the interview.


Watch some photos and a reportage from our presentation :-)

ORINDZIK presentation on TV Reduta


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2nd Interview

Do you know our headmaster Mr. Kačenga? You have a chance to know him better. He shared with us some of his student memories.

By Vladimíra Frajštáková

Where did you study and what are your secondary school memories?

I attended ZŠ Ondreja Bendíka and Grammar school in Levoča and I have very nice memories from those times. As most of young people, we tried to maximize the opportunities that were given us – a lot of cultural, sports and social activities. I continued in my studies at Pedagogical Faculty of  UPJŠ in Prešov. I graduated there from PE and Russian language. Although collage life has its charm, secondary school life was more interesting.

Why did you decide to be a secondary teacher?

I have liked to talk to my peers from my childhood and my interest in sport prompted me to become a teacher. I was influenced by my teachers and a social status of a teacher that was more prominent and honorable.

You are a PE teacher. Which sport do you prefer?

I like all kinds of sports but I prefer ball games like football, basketball. From individual sports I like skiing, swimming and hiking.

What was you favourite subject when you were a student?

Of course, my most favourite subject was PE, but I liked foreign laguages and biology, too.

Who was your model to choose your profession?

More or less they were my teachers.

Haven´t you considered to be a sportsman?

Yes, I have, but fate wanted me to achieve greated success as a football refree. I was a refree for 26 years altogether, for 18 years in 1st league and for 7 years I was an international refree of FIFA and UEFA. It is very valuable, because I am the only one from our region.

If you could return to your school days for one day, what would you like to experience once more?

Skiing course, school ball, or just wander the school hallways.

Did you experience anything funny or intersting during your studies?

I had a lot of funny and intersting situations. Compared to today they were „potato brigades“, student working summer activites, where we could earn some money and do something useful.

How do you see modernity and its students?

We, the teachers, „ go to school“ every day, and we have a great opportunity to live student life and their problems. I think, that is why we can understand them better. Modern times bring a lot of temptations and opportunities to move in wrong direction than in the past. I appreciate modern students who have a clear goal ahead.

What do you think of our English school web magazine Orindžik?

I like our school web magazine and I am thoroughly proud of it as well as of every success reached by great students of the unique ORANGE GYMPEL.

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Do you like “Halušky?”

An interview  with an Australian exchange student Lewis Saymour by his classmates from the 3.E class.

Lewis has been in Slovakia for almost five months.



I: Do you like halusky?

L: Of course, I’m sure I like all of the Slovak food I have tried. Everything except sour milk I think.

I: What were the first words you learnt?

L: The first word I learnt was probably dobre rano, dobre den… or Nerozumiem

I: What are you going to miss about Slovakia the most and the least?

L: I’m not sure how to answer this yet  because I still have over 6 months here! But at the moment the thing I’ll miss the least is being confused in a conversation and the thing I’ll miss the most is, all of the friends I have made during my stay.

I: Which place in SNV do you like the best?

L:  I love the square of SNV, as it gets more and more beautiful as the summer gets going.

I: What was your best day?

L:  I’ve had quite a few, it’s hard to pick out one, I think some of my best days I have spent in Slovenske Raj is hiking.

I: What was the difference betwen imagination and reality of SNV?

L: I never really set expectations for what it would be like, because of this, when I arrived it was everything that I had hoped for and everything I wanted.

I: What do you like about Slovak people?

L:  They are all really nice, I haven‘t met an unfriendly Slovak yet, that may be because I‘m a foreigner but they all seem really friendly.

I: Do you wanna travel the whole Europe?

L: I would love to, but the rules of rotary are a bit difficult to organise trips outside of Slovakia.

I: Do you like ice hockey?

L: Unfortunately, we don‘t have Ice Hockey in Australia, but after watching a couple of games in Slovakia, it is growing on me and I think it is a really really fun sport to watch live.

I: Where have you been in SVK since you arrived?

L: Kosice, Liptoski M. , Poprad, Zilinia, Bratislava,the  High Tatras and a few other places.

I: Do you think that Slovak women are the most beautiful in the world?

L:  At the moment, yes, but there are still plenty of countries to explore!

I: What do you like about your classmates?

L: Since I arrived, everyone has been really nice and welcoming, I couldn‘t ask for better classmates.

I:Do you understand words in Slovak?

L: A couple, but not enough to fully put together conversations. Sometimes I can put together enough to understand but I am still confused 90% of the time.

I: Did you hear some Slovak songs?

L:  If Rytmus counts as music!

I: Do you know what Kroj means?

L:  No I don‘t, but my classmates have explainded it as the traditional dress of the Slovak people, unfortuantly I have never seen this traditional style of clothing, hopefully I can experience it soon.

I: Did you have any bad experience with Slovak people?

L:  Not at all!

I: Thank you , Luis.



Lewis has prepared some interesting information, awesome pictures and a short view of  his homeland Australia. Watch it in Special appendix.

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