2nd Interview

Do you know our headmaster Mr. Kačenga? You have a chance to know him better. He shared with us some of his student memories.

By Vladimíra Frajštáková

Where did you study and what are your secondary school memories?

I attended ZŠ Ondreja Bendíka and Grammar school in Levoča and I have very nice memories from those times. As most of young people, we tried to maximize the opportunities that were given us – a lot of cultural, sports and social activities. I continued in my studies at Pedagogical Faculty of  UPJŠ in Prešov. I graduated there from PE and Russian language. Although collage life has its charm, secondary school life was more interesting.

Why did you decide to be a secondary teacher?

I have liked to talk to my peers from my childhood and my interest in sport prompted me to become a teacher. I was influenced by my teachers and a social status of a teacher that was more prominent and honorable.

You are a PE teacher. Which sport do you prefer?

I like all kinds of sports but I prefer ball games like football, basketball. From individual sports I like skiing, swimming and hiking.

What was you favourite subject when you were a student?

Of course, my most favourite subject was PE, but I liked foreign laguages and biology, too.

Who was your model to choose your profession?

More or less they were my teachers.

Haven´t you considered to be a sportsman?

Yes, I have, but fate wanted me to achieve greated success as a football refree. I was a refree for 26 years altogether, for 18 years in 1st league and for 7 years I was an international refree of FIFA and UEFA. It is very valuable, because I am the only one from our region.

If you could return to your school days for one day, what would you like to experience once more?

Skiing course, school ball, or just wander the school hallways.

Did you experience anything funny or intersting during your studies?

I had a lot of funny and intersting situations. Compared to today they were „potato brigades“, student working summer activites, where we could earn some money and do something useful.

How do you see modernity and its students?

We, the teachers, „ go to school“ every day, and we have a great opportunity to live student life and their problems. I think, that is why we can understand them better. Modern times bring a lot of temptations and opportunities to move in wrong direction than in the past. I appreciate modern students who have a clear goal ahead.

What do you think of our English school web magazine Orindžik?

I like our school web magazine and I am thoroughly proud of it as well as of every success reached by great students of the unique ORANGE GYMPEL.

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Do you like “Halušky?”

An interview  with an Australian exchange student Lewis Saymour by his classmates from the 3.E class.

Lewis has been in Slovakia for almost five months.



I: Do you like halusky?

L: Of course, I’m sure I like all of the Slovak food I have tried. Everything except sour milk I think.

I: What were the first words you learnt?

L: The first word I learnt was probably dobre rano, dobre den… or Nerozumiem

I: What are you going to miss about Slovakia the most and the least?

L: I’m not sure how to answer this yet  because I still have over 6 months here! But at the moment the thing I’ll miss the least is being confused in a conversation and the thing I’ll miss the most is, all of the friends I have made during my stay.

I: Which place in SNV do you like the best?

L:  I love the square of SNV, as it gets more and more beautiful as the summer gets going.

I: What was your best day?

L:  I’ve had quite a few, it’s hard to pick out one, I think some of my best days I have spent in Slovenske Raj is hiking.

I: What was the difference betwen imagination and reality of SNV?

L: I never really set expectations for what it would be like, because of this, when I arrived it was everything that I had hoped for and everything I wanted.

I: What do you like about Slovak people?

L:  They are all really nice, I haven‘t met an unfriendly Slovak yet, that may be because I‘m a foreigner but they all seem really friendly.

I: Do you wanna travel the whole Europe?

L: I would love to, but the rules of rotary are a bit difficult to organise trips outside of Slovakia.

I: Do you like ice hockey?

L: Unfortunately, we don‘t have Ice Hockey in Australia, but after watching a couple of games in Slovakia, it is growing on me and I think it is a really really fun sport to watch live.

I: Where have you been in SVK since you arrived?

L: Kosice, Liptoski M. , Poprad, Zilinia, Bratislava,the  High Tatras and a few other places.

I: Do you think that Slovak women are the most beautiful in the world?

L:  At the moment, yes, but there are still plenty of countries to explore!

I: What do you like about your classmates?

L: Since I arrived, everyone has been really nice and welcoming, I couldn‘t ask for better classmates.

I:Do you understand words in Slovak?

L: A couple, but not enough to fully put together conversations. Sometimes I can put together enough to understand but I am still confused 90% of the time.

I: Did you hear some Slovak songs?

L:  If Rytmus counts as music!

I: Do you know what Kroj means?

L:  No I don‘t, but my classmates have explainded it as the traditional dress of the Slovak people, unfortuantly I have never seen this traditional style of clothing, hopefully I can experience it soon.

I: Did you have any bad experience with Slovak people?

L:  Not at all!

I: Thank you , Luis.



Lewis has prepared some interesting information, awesome pictures and a short view of  his homeland Australia. Watch it in Special appendix.

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1st Interview

Hello there!

This is the first interview on this page (hope it’s not the last one ;) ) and I made it with our new English teacher- Mrs. Barillová. I tried to make an interview especially about EB (Editorial Board= the thing we are doing ;) )- the  present and the future of this project.

So here it is:

Q1: How long have you been teaching English?

A: I have been teaching English for 8 years.

Q2: Have you ever worked on projects similiar to this? (Editorial Board)

A: I have always been concerned about modern ways of teaching like drama, project work etc. I with some students have already worked on two English plays: N. Coward „Fallen angels“ and A.C. Doyle „The three students“. We had one preformance at Dramafest IX in Košice and 4 performances in Spišská Nová Ves. I could see that students loved it, so why not to continue working on funny and challenging activities even if you can educate yourself. The next project that came on my mind was an English school magazine

Q3: Who gave you inspiration (or what) to make anything like this? (EB, magazine)

A: I do not think that somebody inspired me. I have always liked creative activities, later during my studies, when we learned about alternative teaching methods, I felt that that was the way I wanted to walk on.

Q4: Have you ever seen anything like “English magazine”? (made by students)

A: Telling the truth, never. I have never seen nor heard. Probably it is a unique project of this type in the district of Spišská Nová Ves.

Q5: Do you think magazine can be successful?

A: If students are concerned and like working on the magazine, that is success for me as a teacher. I think this is the point of my job, to make students more interested in issues and world they live in and what is more, educate writers and readers through the absorbing activities and tasks.

If it can be successful, is the question for its readers and editors in one. Because every student can become an editor.

Q6: Has everything been going on as you planned, until now?

A: I can say yes , it is. Of course, it is not possible to plan such a project in full details as there are a lot of people envolved in it. I just try to supervise it, so that everything goes smoothly.

Q7: What plans do you have with magazine, or whole Editorial Board?

A: I have long-term plans definitelly. It is a unique project and I think it is worth it. However, it partly depends on students. My dream is to make this magazine as an inseparable part of students ´ life at this school.

Hope you liked it ;) If so, please come again and read more interviews and topics in our school magazine ;)

See you soon

by (un)truthTeller

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