An interview with an exchange student from Brasil

  As you have probably noticed, we have an exchange student in our schools since September. We made an interview with her for you! Tell us something more about yourself, please. My name is Luiza Taube Toretta and I´m 17 years old. I live in Brazil, Parma, Cascavel. I´m in the last year of school in […]

Students of our school

We asked a couple of students these questions: 1. How do you like our „orange school“? 2. Is there anything what would you like to change here? 3. What do you see being the biggest difference between the elementary and high school? 4. What are your feelings about imatrikuly? 5. How would you describe your […]

Meet Julieta – our exchange student

Tell us something more about yourself. My name is Julieta, I’m 18 and I’m from Colombia. I consider myself an extrovert and I’m a joyful person. My greatest passion are the arts, I adore singing, dancing and acting. How and why did you get into the exchange program? To be honest since I was a […]

Interviews with our guests from abroad!

More than a month ago we had a special guests here at our school. The students from our partner schools visited us and attended an international workshop. We decided to ask them some questions! POLAND Natalia Stachoň Hi Natalia, tell us something about you. My name is Natalia Stachoň. I am 17 years old and […]

Thomas & Fatima

Dear readers, we´ve made an interview with this-year exchange students Thomas and Fatima just for you! Interview with Thomas Newman: 1. Where do you come from? I am from Sevierville, Tennessee. Tennessee is in the southern part of the United States of America.   2. Could you introduce your country to our readers? The United […]