Ad for Orindžik from 2013

Let´s have a look back some years ago when we prepared an ad for Orindžik.



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On Friday (5th october 2018) a big event called „Ima3cooly“ was happening. This event was organised by third graders. At the beginning of the school year, we have become friends with third graders, which this event was organised by.

Every class had a dresscode according to a theme. The theme was chosen by third graders. We (1.A) had reflective vests, rainboots, black jeans (girls) or black leggins (boys) and black shirts. Also we had special crowns, which were made by our amazing third graders.



Together we were representing our classes by hand-made posters and huge noise. Later that afternoon we came to the „kino mier“, were it all began. We were welcomed by two hosts. Every class had a mascot which was helding with tasks. At 4pm „Ima3cooly“ has begun.



Our tasks:


  •  the easiest – jumping in bag, drinking tomato juice
  •  the most disgusting – eating e.g. popcorn dipped in vinegar or banana with mustard
  •  the hardest – licking nutella from glass, fiding candies in bowl with flour




Laura-schoolgirl (1.A)

K: How did you feel about „Ima3cooly“ ?

L: It was amazing and funny at the same time.

K: What did you like the most ?

L: I liked how it was organised, I liked music too but the best were a boys in a skirts.

K: Which task was yours ?

L: It was easy, I had to dress monterks with my mounth. I was first.

K: What do you think about mascots ?

L: They were great and so funny and I believed that our mascot would win but he did not win. But they were really cool.

K: Will you come to watch next year ?

L: Absolutely yes.







































Laura Škarupová, Klára Andrassy, Zuzka Pavlíková a Juliana Kukurová

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Amino acid of attraction

I like listening to extremely sad music when there is nice weather and I walk. “There is a certain part of all of us that lives outside of time.” said Kundera and because of it thousand thoughts came to my mind about everything possible and impossible, I had to sit on a bench and write them down. Nicely, on a sheet of paper, to let seizures of synapses materialise for a while, at something that makes sense and it’s not just a sequence of associations in my head.

Sometimes I want to get to know all those eye-catching people, passing by on streets. But are they really so interesting or it’s just a layer of fabric, patterns, cuts and combinations combined with their shells into a nutritious esthetic shake? Am I interesting too, or it’s just a layer of clothes and things, I’m surrounded by? Naturally, everyone is his own centre of the space and country. What makes a person interesting? There must be somehow involved the mixture of all these decisions, which they make in the morning before they leave their flat, house, tent, apartment, four or forty walls.

When I was a bit younger, at the age when the brain is able to do some mental abstraction, my goal was not to be a beautiful, dazzling creature. I headed higher, dears! I wanted to be unusual. I was horrified by visions of being a boring, plain person. I’ve been watching people, who deeply impressed me somehow and I was trying to decode why. I pierced my ear not long ago; at home, in my bathroom, simply with a needle, as if another earring could change my effect on the world.

By my endlessly mulling I came to a resume: What makes us really interesting and different are our decisions, goals, and motivations.

People, we are surrounded by. Books we read. All our neurones play a symphony of mind. That’s a part of all of us that lives outside of time. Also I think that this oddity is also coded somewhere in DNA, pheromones, cells. Amino acid of interestingness. People feel it from you and you feel it from them. 

What is curiosity according to you?

Source :

Dominika Svitanová (1.A)

a Anežka Barillová


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The First Runner-up of The Miss Spiša 2018

Every once in a while, you simply have to challenge yourself, go beyond your limits, don’t have the lack of self-confidence and push forward. Sometimes it is in school, where we do our best to finally get rid of all tests we write, sometimes at work, where we will do overtimes to get the job done correctly, sometimes in personal life, where simple kiss can change your life forever.

Today, we have prepared for you an interview with someone, who did not give up in her dream of being a part of the most ambicious beauty contest in the eastern Slovakia, The Miss Spiša, and it payed off! Enjoy the interview with Sylvia Fargašová, the 1st runner-up of The Miss Spiša 2018!

 From left: Sylvia Fargašová, Klaudia Repková, Barbora Chlebovcová.

1) How do you feel after winning the 1st runner-up of The Miss Spiša title?

I was looking forward to it, even before they announced my name. I’m glad for all the people I’d the opportunity to meet.

2) Do you have any plans to continue in model career?

No, I don’t plan to continue in this path.

3) What are your short-term and long-term goals? We know that you study medicine.

My short-term goal is, for certain, to do the exam that’s waiting for me. About that long-term goal, it is to finish the university and to be contented in life.

4) What did you do during the preparations for the finals?

We practised the schedule every weekend and two weeks before the finals we were on trainings in the Tatras.

5) What did you like about the finals the most? What was the atmosphere like, who was the most likeable juror to you?

The entire finals day was awesome, although, it was very demanding as we were 24 hours on our feet, of which the majority of the time we had to dance on the high-heeled shoes. The atmosphere was great, mainly at afterparty. Many famous people were in the jury, but girls were looking forward to meeting actors from the TV series Oteckovia.

From left: Vladimír Kobielsky, Sylvia Fargašová, Patrik Švajda.

The most beautiful finalists and the jury.

Dear Sylvia, thank you for the interview and congratulations on your big achievement. May you have many more years of success and high achievements. You have made us proud!


Ingrid Jančiarová, Martin Urban

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An interview with an exchange student from Brasil


As you have probably noticed, we have an exchange student in our schools since September.

We made an interview with her for you!

Tell us something more about yourself, please.

My name is Luiza Taube Toretta and I´m 17 years old. I live in Brazil, Parma, Cascavel.

I´m in the last year of school in Brazil.

Is this your first exchange stay?

It´s the first time I left my country and I live somewhere that is not my hometown.

Why did you decide that you want to study abroad?

I had heard many experiences from my cousins ​​and my brother who made exchange. When they came back they changed a lot and had many experiences and stories to tell.

How long will you be here?

I’m going to stay here for 10 months.

What was the main reason you chose Slovakia?

I was on the waiting list and I had the choice between Slovakia and one other country and I chose Slovakia.

What do you expect from this stay ?

I would like to learn more about the culture here and to be able to come back with experiences and knowledge ​​that I can tell to my friends and family.

What do you like the most here in Slovakia?

I believe that for now – people.

Do you like Slovak nature ?

I like it. I come from a country that also has many natural beauties, but it’s nice to see the differences and that is beautiful in the same way.

Do you like Slovak food  ?

The food is very different, there are things that I like but I have not tasted many traditional things yet.

What is the biggest difference between life in Slovakia and Brasil?

There are many differences, from food to when we eat, or that we treat peple more informally, or that the younger ones have less freedom …

How do you spend your time here when you are not at school?

I’m going to start drawing class, but usually I’m painting or I’m going out with someone.


Patrícia Zekuciová (4.C)


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Students of our school

We asked a couple of students these questions:

1. How do you like our “orange school”?

2. Is there anything what would you like to change here?

3. What do you see being the biggest difference between the elementary and high school?

4. What are your feelings about imatrikuly?

5. How would you describe your classmates?

6. Are you looking forward to the school skiing course in February?

And what were the answers?


1. Our teachers are very nice, so I’m very satisfied. 2. I wouldn’t change anything. 3. There are other teachers who have a different type of teaching. 4. It wasn’t bad, but it could be better. 5. I think we are a great team and I like them. 6. Yes, of course.


1. My expectations were worse, but I like it here. And there are great people. 2. Nothing. Here’s everything as it should be. 3. There is different attitude of teachers. 4. It was funny, but organizers could be more creative. 5. They are cool people. 6. Of course.


1. I’m very happy with that. 2. Maybe more baguettes. 3. There are a lot of people 4. The worst thing was public embarrassment. 5. They are okay. 6. I look forward to it for three years.


1. I think it is cool. 2. I would buy new  desks for the second floor. 3.We have better teachers and free lessons. 4. I think that the previous ones were much better. 5. I’m very glad to be in 1.C. 6. I’m looking forward to it. I expect there Ms. Spišiaková and a lot of snow :D .


1. I really like it here. 2. Could be more toilet paper in toilets. 3. I need to study more. 4. The worst part was the weather. 5. Some of them are a bit strange. 6. I’m really looking forward.


1. I like it here. There’s fun and I have already got used to here. 2. Probably nothing. 3. I need to learn more and I have to pay more attention during the lessons. 4. I was expecting more difficult tasks, but it was great. 5. My classmates are nice. 6. I’m really looking forward to it.

Dominika Deptová 1.C

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