Everyone knows Greece. Despite the fact that the country is going through many government problems, it´s still one of the most favorite holiday destinations.If people are planning a vacation in Greece, they usually choose islands like Corfu,Rhodos, Mykonos or Fira. I would like to recommend you a beautiful little town called Sarti, which is situated on the Eastern […]

Hello School!

  Hi! We are Natalia and Linda and we want to tell you our feelings about this school. When we were studying at elementary school, we were dreaming about high school. We expected our new school to have friendly classmates, great teachers, beautiful atmosphere and big windows. Our friends told us about this school so […]

Welcome to Legoland!

I have loved LEGO since I was a child. I got my first set when I was six. It was a beautiful house with roof and windows. However, when I asked for another LEGO, my parents said that building LEGO was a boyish activity – not for girls. I didn’t see LEGO in our house […]


What is your first idea when I say South Korea? Maybe Seoul, kimchi, the most modern technology or clothes. It is a very difficult question, isn’t it? Well, I’ll help you. Last summer I noticed that the first Asian song was played very often on Slovak radios. It is called Gangman style. Have you ever […]


Eeeeep, it’s here! Big day for our freshmans and also for third year students is coming! I think we prepared quite good videos with best actors, dance with sexy ladies and disco guys and also reeeeeally interesting challenges for our youngest schoolmates. I hope that everything will be fine and everyone enjoy it! Bye, byeeeee […]