Welcome to Legoland!

I have loved LEGO since I was a child. I got my first set when I was six. It was a beautiful house with roof and windows. However, when I asked for another LEGO, my parents said that building LEGO was a boyish activity – not for girls. I didn’t see LEGO in our house for long time. Now, my little brother has a passion for building LEGO and our house is full of firefighting cars, spaceships, police cars, trucks, etc. It’s OK, because he’s a boy! When he heard about Legoland for the first time, he was really excited and wanted to go there. So we went…

Legoland Deutschland is a theme park located in Günsberg, in southern Germany. It was opened in 2002 and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bavaria.

In July I visited Legoland with my family. We went there after we finished our stay in Czech Republic. The trip takes 4 hours by highway from Prague.  When you enter this interesting park, you can’t find the right words to describe it. There are so many attractions, LEGO pieces and statues, rollercoasters, miniland and much more.

At first, we tried high water slide (similar to the one in TV series Step by Step – but much higher). We were completely wet. I was always afraid of roller coaster, however, my brother persuaded me to go with him. I screamed so much that literally lost my voice.

We tried many attractions and roundabouts, saw many statues made of LEGO pieces – saw giraffes, people, musical instruments, lions and cars made from LEGO pieces. We visited an Egyptian temple, had a water fight on a pirate ship and saw 4D film in LEGO cinema. It was amazing!

My mom really appreciated Atlantis building. You walk through a glass tunnel where sharks along with other sea fish swim above you. It was really breathtaking!  I was really happy that I could see Nemo and Dory fish with my own eyes.

Legoland has its own miniland, small replicas of German and European places, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Venice, Netherlands, Switzerland, even a Star Wars castle. Cars and boats are motorized and church bell ring. There is a cheese market, weddings, zoo, musicians, themes we know from real life. That’s why it is so interesting. It reminds us our own life.

You, also, would enjoy a visit to this interesting place.

Lenka Stoláriková

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What is your first idea when I say South Korea? Maybe Seoul, kimchi, the most modern technology or clothes. It is a very difficult question, isn’t it?

Well, I’ll help you. Last summer I noticed that the first Asian song was played very often on Slovak radios. It is called Gangman style. Have you ever heard it? I think 95% of you heard it and I want tell you that this song is sung by Korean’s singer – Psy. When someone says the word KOREA, my first idea is K-pop! Handsome boys, beautiful girls, the best song.



So, what is K-POP?  

It is an abbreviation for Korean popular pop. It is a musical genre consisting of Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B and electronic music from South Korea. K-Pop has become popular among teenagers. Thanks to fan pages on Facebook, iTunes, Twitter profiles and music videos on Youtube, it became popular all over the world.



1990s – First K-Pop girl’s and boy´s bands were established.

Later in 1990 on the scene appeared YG Entertainment, DPS Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, etc.

2000s – Many of the biggest K-Pop groups and solo singers, including BoA, Rain Bi, Wonder Girls, TVXQ, JYJ, SS501, 2PM, BIGBANG, miss A, KARA, Super Junior, SHINee, 2NE1, etc. became popular in the East and South Asia.


I come from Vietnam that is why I am interested about K-PoP.

Since I’ve started listening to K-pop, I try to memorize some of the words, I can say some words in Korean and I learned some K-pop´s dance choreography, too .


My recent top 5 K-pop songs:

1. Crayon pop - 빠빠빠 (bar bar bar)

2. 2NE1 - Falling in lovE

3. Teen Top – Rocking(장난아냐)

4. G-DRAGON - 삐딱하게 (CROOKED)

5. Exo – Growl


You should try it!

Yen Le Thi, 2.E

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Eeeeep, it’s here! Big day for our freshmans and also for third year students is coming! I think we prepared quite good videos with best actors, dance with sexy ladies and disco guys and also reeeeeally interesting challenges for our youngest schoolmates. I hope that everything will be fine and everyone enjoy it!

Bye, byeeeee honeys! :)

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Gram School Millionnaire

Gram School Millionnaire at our grammar school Školská 7.

Staring Filip Dam (as D.A.M.), Zuzana Mecková (Zuzika) and Miloš Dzurilla (Mil Dzumar) from class IV.A.

Watch our first English movie ever!!

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The Ice Hockey World Championship

I am sure that every real fan of ice hockey is sitting in front of  TV and supporting our team on these days. Yes, madness called  Ice Hockey World Champinship is HERE! :)

The 76th Championship takes place in Finland and Sweden. In 2012 it will be introduced a new championship format. 16 teams will play in two preliminary round group with eight teams playing against each other .The top four teams in each preliminary round group will advance to the quarterfinals. Quarterfinals will be played within the groups meaning the teams will not need to travel from one country to the other to play the quarterfinal game. The cross-over system will be implemented as of the semi-finals which will be played in Helsinki. Medal games will be played in Helsinki as well.

Captain of our national ice hockey team is Zdeno Chára. Slovak team is composed mostly of less but also well known players. Our boys play like one team and this, in my opinion, it is the key to success. Their mission is to get to the guarterfinals, which is also important for qualifying to the next Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (2014).

So, good luck boys, we trust you! Nech bože dá, nech bože dá veď my na to máme! :)


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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park – presentation

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