The launch which changed history

It was May 27 and we were counting down the minutes to the launch of a rocket Falcon9. But 17 minutes before the start they had announced that the launch wasn’t going to happen due to the bad weather. The next opportunity to change the history was on May 30 at 21:22. Millions of people […]

Artificial intelligence and digital revolution

World around us has changed to another level with tremendous speed within last decades. In  1983 human race saw the mobile phone for the first time. Now, not even 40 years from that and our cellphones are completely different. We can have meaningful conversations with them and that is not all. Taking pictures, using apps […]

Halloween: Trick or Treat!

What is Halloween? It is actually a big event in America and in a lot of another countries on 31st October. In the past, people used to call this eve: “All Saint’s Eve”, but today this eve is practised only in Christian families. Other families celebrate Halloween. “All Saint’s Eve”- the day when you are […]

Speaker’s Corner

Our students Alica SAKMAROVÁ and Boris FOCKO took part in English language competition in public speaking called Speaker´s Corner. The competition took place in Žilina. We would like to thank them for representing our school. Here is the presentation of Alice: Secondary school students should be allowed to choose the subjects they want to study […]