Halloween: Trick or Treat!

What is Halloween? It is actually a big event in America and in a lot of another countries on 31st October. In the past, people used to call this eve: “All Saint’s Eve”, but today this eve is practised only in Christian families. Other families celebrate Halloween.

“All Saint’s Eve”- the day when you are supposed to remember the death of people you loved, including saints and everyone dead from your family.

Some typical Halloween habits include activities like parties where you have to wear masks, decorating houses, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, pranking friends and telling each other scary stories.

Our school is taking care of our education about traditions of English – speaking countries, and that´s the reason why we will have Halloween Day in our school. Everyone (students and teachers) is supposed to wear a costume this day. This Halloween day will be on October 28. You can expect a day full of fun and fear! After this Halloween day we have autumn holidays! 

At the end, we wish you big fun. We hope you will have scary and funny masks,

Kate and Anne

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Can you read this English poem?

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Speaker’s Corner

Our students Alica SAKMAROVÁ and Boris FOCKO took part in English language competition in public speaking called Speaker´s Corner. The competition took place in Žilina. We would like to thank them for representing our school. Here is the presentation of Alice:

Secondary school students should be allowed to choose the subjects they want to study


                This topic, even though is not so controversial, has been on for many years in countries all over the world. Some people believe, that subjects should be chosen for children, others think children are the ones who should choose. In my point of view, allowing so is only beneficial for students.

                There are 3 types of secondary schools here in Slovakia. Two of them specialize mainly on mastering the craft or profession where higher education is not required. Then, there are Secondary Grammar Schools, gymnasia, as we like to call them, mainly chosen as a “stepping stone” for students wishing to become doctors, lawyers, or politicians. Their attendance only implies to lack of options given to students at this age. Yet Secondary Grammar schools are still the best facilities for them to prepare for university. But what if we can do better?   Nowadays, student choosing this type of school is not necessarily unaware of his own future, as he might be few years ago. There are technologies, helping systems, skilled people around you, willing to advise young students in their decisions. We have already given option to choose to students with, let’s say, not so high academic ambitions. Should this be rejected for others?   

                I see other notable fact in research published by French university I read few weeks ago. Among other things, it involved rankings of countries with highest rate of unhappy students. Not surprisingly, Slovak Republic was in top five. This kind of studies may not always be 100 percent accurate, but conversations in my class determine that to be true enough. Even though we can partially select two or three subjects in our school, we still end up spending time trying to learn information only one in thirty of us will actually use in future life.

                I believe that the key word in this topic is the word “allowed”. Secondary school students should be allowed to choose the subjects they want to study. That means, if you are fifteen and you are still not sure what to do with your life, it is perfectly okay to continue without focusing on any specific field of study. In one year you may know better. But there should be always a chance for you to choose.

            United States of America has, in my opinion, precise attitude, when it comes to choosing subjects according to students will. Pupils at very young age are already choosing what they want to study. This gives other countries large space for criticising such behaviour. Another fact is, USA has the highest number of laureates of Nobel Prize. Needles to say, Slovak Republic is not even on the list. Why you should know unnecessary theorems from physics, when you could be number one in Medicine? Choosing your own subjects may provide so.     

                My father used to say: “All you really needed to know you have already learnt in kindergarten”.  I find this true enough to think enabling students to remove subjects they won’t going to need from their schedule soon enough may help not only them, but our country as a whole. Helping Slovakia to get higher in rankings other than the ones naming unhappiest students in the world. 

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Everyone knows Greece. Despite the fact that the country is going through many government problems, it´s still one of the most favorite holiday destinations.If people are planning a vacation in Greece, they usually choose islands like Corfu,Rhodos, Mykonos or Fira. I would like to recommend you a beautiful little town called Sarti, which is situated on the Eastern shores of Sithonia.

Sarti is a holiday resort that combines the beauty of scenery, crystal clear and warm sea, white sandy beaches, hospitable locals and many young, good-looking people. ;)

I´ve fallen in love with Sarti because:

There are many options for :


-       Parents with children.

-       People who want to be alone and have the whole beach for themselves, or for couples in love..it is very romantic!

-       Families, big groups, or young people who like small beaches with less crowds will enjoy this area. There are many food and drink stalls (Orange Beach is very popular.)

-       There are also many long popular beaches where more crowds gather.

-       Another highlight in Sarti is that it offers a nightlight. In town there are manystalls, street vendors, shops, bakeries, restaurants or discos (Macedonia Discois very popular and also Saturday Night Fevers, where there are DJs from all Europe.)

-       For people who love good food, there are some Greek special dishes which are really very tasty; Gyros, Tzatziky, Kefalonian Kreatopita – a meat pie, Loukomades which are fried balls of dough drenched in honey.


I´ve spent 14 days in Sarti and I think that it has been the best vacation ever. If you do not know where to go on holiday, now you KNOW the answer. So I just hope I caught your attention and you try it.


Lenka Pokrývková

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Hello School!



We are Natalia and Linda and we want to tell you our feelings about this school.

When we were studying at elementary school, we were dreaming about high school. We expected our new school to have friendly classmates, great teachers, beautiful atmosphere and big windows. Our friends told us about this school so our expectations were clear. During our summer holiday, we were thinking about our first day at this school. We were so excited!

Now we are here for almost two months and we feel like our dreams came true. Everything, here, is great! We have great classmates, teachers and big windows. We really like it here!

After a hard workday, we can eat tasty lunch that is served by friendly cooks.

We have lots of extracurricular activities, such as sports, so we have a chance to develop our talent.

Every school year, we have special activities prepared for us. First graders are going to attend a skiing course. Second graders have a swimming course. Third graders are elated to learn ballroom dancing and the fourth graders are proud of their graduation ceremony.

We are happy to be here and will try to make the four years at this school, a great time of our lives.


Natália Smatanová, Linda Kožárová, I.E


Btw, Natalia and Linda are the new members of the Orindzik team. Welcome girls! :)


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Welcome to Legoland!

I have loved LEGO since I was a child. I got my first set when I was six. It was a beautiful house with roof and windows. However, when I asked for another LEGO, my parents said that building LEGO was a boyish activity – not for girls. I didn’t see LEGO in our house for long time. Now, my little brother has a passion for building LEGO and our house is full of firefighting cars, spaceships, police cars, trucks, etc. It’s OK, because he’s a boy! When he heard about Legoland for the first time, he was really excited and wanted to go there. So we went…

Legoland Deutschland is a theme park located in Günsberg, in southern Germany. It was opened in 2002 and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bavaria.

In July I visited Legoland with my family. We went there after we finished our stay in Czech Republic. The trip takes 4 hours by highway from Prague.  When you enter this interesting park, you can’t find the right words to describe it. There are so many attractions, LEGO pieces and statues, rollercoasters, miniland and much more.

At first, we tried high water slide (similar to the one in TV series Step by Step – but much higher). We were completely wet. I was always afraid of roller coaster, however, my brother persuaded me to go with him. I screamed so much that literally lost my voice.

We tried many attractions and roundabouts, saw many statues made of LEGO pieces – saw giraffes, people, musical instruments, lions and cars made from LEGO pieces. We visited an Egyptian temple, had a water fight on a pirate ship and saw 4D film in LEGO cinema. It was amazing!

My mom really appreciated Atlantis building. You walk through a glass tunnel where sharks along with other sea fish swim above you. It was really breathtaking!  I was really happy that I could see Nemo and Dory fish with my own eyes.

Legoland has its own miniland, small replicas of German and European places, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Venice, Netherlands, Switzerland, even a Star Wars castle. Cars and boats are motorized and church bell ring. There is a cheese market, weddings, zoo, musicians, themes we know from real life. That’s why it is so interesting. It reminds us our own life.

You, also, would enjoy a visit to this interesting place.

Lenka Stoláriková

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