Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.

― Kurt Vonnegut

We, people, do take many things for granted. Everyday things and small signs od love and friendship are the most precious elements of a happy life. So, let ´s live our life with our heart. Because every moment and decision that we make, will be part of us forever. This little things are creating our future.

Don´t base your life on surviving. Let´s live !

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He, who has not Christmas in his heart

Will never find it under a tree.

-Roy L. Smith


Everyone is cleaning  their houses, preparing them for the  big day. But what about us? Let´s feel the Christmas. The smell of gingerbread, the peace and the right feeing of home. Or even in the evening watching some fairy tales  wrapped in fluffy blanket, drinkin some hot tea…

And don´t forget about   people, who care about us  behind one table.

The Christmas is all about that…

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


You are beautiful. And if someone tells you otherwise don´t believe them. They just do not look the  right way. Because beauty isn´t something you could see through your eyes. You have to open your heart to be able  see it.



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I like hugs.

The really long hugs,

the ones where

you just don´t want

to let go.


Hug more – because it is an incredible, wonderful and gloriously magnificent way of saying I LOVE YOU.


Hugging is one of the most important and simple ways to let someone know that you love them. So if you love someone or you have someone who means a lot to you, just hug him.

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Speak the truth,even if your voice shakes

-Maggie Kuhn


Truth is hard to take and even harder do tell. But usually the hard way is the good one. The true makes things clearer. With lies we are just putting dust on it. And once in a while, everyone cleans up. So true will come out


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Don´t wait.

The time will never be just right.

-Napoleon Hill

If you want to do something. Do it now!

If you want to say something . Say it now!

Don´t hesitate. Time is never going to be RIGHT, if you don´t make it that way.

So, let´s do it now.

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