Virtuelle Vaults: Jener Datenraum jetzt für Fusionen weiterhin Übernahmen | M&A Datenraum

Fusionen und Übernahmen (M symbol A) sieht sich als allgemeiner Nomenklatur, der auf die Konsolidierung vonseiten Unternehmen oder aber Vermögenswerten über verschiedene Arten von Finanztransaktionen verweist. Fusionen und Übernahmen können die Reihe verschiedener Transaktionen eingebildet, z. B. Fusionen, Übernahmen, Konsolidierungen, Übernahmeangebote, Kauf fuer Vermögenswerten des weiteren Managementerwerbe. Darüber hinaus allen Fällen sind 2 Unternehmen abschieben. […]


In the past, people were walking barefoot and it was absolutely normal because shoes didn´t exist. But now you can hardly see somebody walking barefoot unless you´re on the beach or at home or maybe he´s poor.

Zero Waste

Most people probably don’t think too much about the trash they throw away. After all, we’re all so busy with work, family and scrolling through Facebook that it’s easy to overlook the food,  packaging and water bottles we go through on every given day. But while most may not think too much about waste, there […]


Two years ago me and my family went on trip to Rome. One of our holiday habits is that in every nation we taste their specialities. The same thing happened in Rome. We went to the spaghetti restaurant and ordered three kinds of spaghetti. From that moment spaghetti became my favourite food. And this is […]

An essay: Using new technology produces lazy people

It doesn´t matter whether you agree or not with this statement, you should definitely read the essay which was written by Sima Denešová. You may find it inspiring or at least useful as an example how that could be done….