Artificial intelligence and digital revolution

World around us has changed to another level with tremendous speed within last decades. In  1983 human race saw the mobile phone for the first time. Now, not even 40 years from that and our cellphones are completely different. We can have meaningful conversations with them and that is not all. Taking pictures, using apps […]

The First Runner-up of The Miss Spiša 2018

Every once in a while, you simply have to challenge yourself, go beyond your limits, don’t have the lack of self-confidence and push forward. Sometimes it is in school, where we do our best to finally get rid of all tests we write, sometimes at work, where we will do overtimes to get the job […]

Stages of life

Life. What is life? Are we just players in some strange game, where we must achieve some goals and then we just disappear? Nobody knows, but as we are standing here as human beings, we all can relate that this „life game“ is not as long as we expected. We can say that life has […]


  What is Euroscola about? The programme gives young people opportunity of visiting Strassbourg, and spending one day at the European Parliament negotiating like the real Europarlamentarians. The European Parliament has established the programme Euroscola with 3 basic aims: The first one is to acquaint European teen-agers of ages 16 to 18 with the internal […]

An exchange with Germans

On the 21st of October German students arrived to Spišská Nová Ves. They stayed here for one week. They had an official program every day, but we had to figure out what will we do after that. The first day when they came to Spišská Nová Ves we took them to the restaurant Gurmán where […]