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Gram School Millionnaire

Gram School Millionnaire at our grammar school Školská 7.

Staring Filip Dam (as D.A.M.), Zuzana Mecková (Zuzika) and Miloš Dzurilla (Mil Dzumar) from class IV.A.

Watch our first English movie ever!!

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Recycling recipes

Do you  have many things which are useless or broken? Why not to reuse them?

Recycling recipes

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2nd Interview

Do you know our headmaster Mr. Kačenga? You have a chance to know him better. He shared with us some of his student memories.

By Vladimíra Frajštáková

Where did you study and what are your secondary school memories?

I attended ZŠ Ondreja Bendíka and Grammar school in Levoča and I have very nice memories from those times. As most of young people, we tried to maximize the opportunities that were given us – a lot of cultural, sports and social activities. I continued in my studies at Pedagogical Faculty of  UPJŠ in Prešov. I graduated there from PE and Russian language. Although collage life has its charm, secondary school life was more interesting.

Why did you decide to be a secondary teacher?

I have liked to talk to my peers from my childhood and my interest in sport prompted me to become a teacher. I was influenced by my teachers and a social status of a teacher that was more prominent and honorable.

You are a PE teacher. Which sport do you prefer?

I like all kinds of sports but I prefer ball games like football, basketball. From individual sports I like skiing, swimming and hiking.

What was you favourite subject when you were a student?

Of course, my most favourite subject was PE, but I liked foreign laguages and biology, too.

Who was your model to choose your profession?

More or less they were my teachers.

Haven´t you considered to be a sportsman?

Yes, I have, but fate wanted me to achieve greated success as a football refree. I was a refree for 26 years altogether, for 18 years in 1st league and for 7 years I was an international refree of FIFA and UEFA. It is very valuable, because I am the only one from our region.

If you could return to your school days for one day, what would you like to experience once more?

Skiing course, school ball, or just wander the school hallways.

Did you experience anything funny or intersting during your studies?

I had a lot of funny and intersting situations. Compared to today they were „potato brigades“, student working summer activites, where we could earn some money and do something useful.

How do you see modernity and its students?

We, the teachers, „ go to school“ every day, and we have a great opportunity to live student life and their problems. I think, that is why we can understand them better. Modern times bring a lot of temptations and opportunities to move in wrong direction than in the past. I appreciate modern students who have a clear goal ahead.

What do you think of our English school web magazine Orindžik?

I like our school web magazine and I am thoroughly proud of it as well as of every success reached by great students of the unique ORANGE GYMPEL.

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Bratislava. The capital city of Slovakia which  is known to be one of the most beautiful places in here. Unfortunately, we know just a little about its history and either presence. We´ve prepared a presentation about it to enlighten you and to help you understand how beautiful it is.


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Anxious Aztecs

Before Europeans arrived to America, they were bosses. Their mighty realm extended on area of today’s north Mexico and one wouldn’t think that population of 20 million Aztecs could be conquered in less than 2 years. But Hernan Cortés did it. Intensely unsympathetic Spaniard slaughtered most of their people and enslaved the rest. But you can learn this from any book (about Aztecs, of course, not saying it is in a  cookery book). I wrote this article to brief you about facts which are  not that notorious and facts that will seize your heart (some of them literally).

1. Little kids didn’t have an easy life. When born their legs and hands were shackled (so their soul wouldn’t escape) and people ignored them and their mothers for 3 days (so evil spirits wouldn’t notice them). Rich parents put two boards on sides of the head, tied them and tightened. Boards went down after two days and classy kid didn’t look like common peasant anymore. Narrow and long skulls were cool, narrow and long skulls were in.

2. Aztecs were pro’s in sacrifices. Poor victim was dragged on top of a pyramid and priest ripped victim’s heart out of chest with bare hand. (Don’t try to fight this muscular priest in case you bump into him.) Fresh heart was offered to god of sun. Aztecs sacrificed 50 000 people a year (that’s one person a minute). Record is held by opening celebration of Tenochtitlan temple with 20 000 sacrifices, which (in my opinion) can be considered as the most heartful party ever…

3. Now something healthier. How to cure cold as Aztec. First, find nearest bunch of grass and gather dew during dawn. Put your patient on a bed and fling back his/her head. (Blowing the nose before proceeding is recommended.) Now put one drop of dew into each nostril and pray, for example: ‘Great Quetzalcoatl, please, drive away the evil spirit from this head and cure my friend!’ 100% effective.

4. You have probably heard of Aztec game where players use their hips and try to toss the ball over a hoop on a wall. You probably think that loosing team was executed. Weird enough, this is most probably NOT true. There is no real evidence.

5. Speaking of games… bungee-jumping. They called it volador. You’ll need a high pole, four ropes and bird costumes. Four players dressed as birds tie themselves on top of the pole and jump down, circling around it. No winners and no loosers, this is for god of sun.

6. Guess who invented tortillas and burritos!

7.  Aztecs growed cocoa, but they didn’t want to eat it. Why? Because it’d be like we ate sandwich stuffed with euro notes. Cocoa beans were their currency.

Go ahead and enlighten your friends with these most interesting facts and know they’re all true. I guess I can’t ask you to love Aztecs, but they were civilization like any other, maybe greater. If Hernan hadn´t paid them a visit, who knows, what would have happen. Maybe we’d have been slaves and one of you standing on a pyramid, looking at his heart ;) .

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