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ART and ME

by Andrea Kanóczová, 3.A


My favourite kind of art has always been drawing.

I enjoy almost everything about it. The colour, the smell, the sound of the top of the pencil sliding on the surface of paper… I don´t practice this hobby very often, but when I do it always makes me feel relaxed and happy.

I was introduced to drawing when I was very young. My grandmother found me decorating my crib with my cousin´s crayons and it inspired her to buy me a set of colourful pencils. Since then my mom would often draw silhouettes of things I liked for me to colour them.

As I was growing older I started attending dance classes, but this was not my cup of coffee. I soon realised that what I like about dancing is not the dance itsself, however, the way it looks from the perspective of the viewer.

I never tried to play any musical instruments, bacause I was unable to decide which one´s sound I like the most. Nevertheless, I listen to music daily. I have no favourite genre. I like everything that sounds good to me or has an interesting message. One day I would also like to see a musical or an opera. The only reason I haven´t done it so yet is that I hugely dislike wearing formal clothes which are expected to be worn  on such occassons.

To summarize, I can say that I do like art. I have always beeen an admirer of skilled people who work hard and put their hearts into the creation of something beautiful. No matter if they are musicians, filmmakers, poets or painters.


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Erasmus+ – trip to Finland /part 1/

by Karolína Gavroňová, 1.C

I with my schoolmates Matúš Prachnár, Ema Gromovská, Annamária Salanciová and Monika Klučárová visited Finland from 7th to 13th February, 2016. We had to do some tasks before we were chosen if we wanted to go to Finland. I am so happy that we were the ones who went there. That experience was really valuable for me and I am sure it was like that for the others. Here is a short description of the trip. Trust me, it is really short. We did there so many interesting things that it was almost impossible to write it shortly in this little article. I did my best.


The day when we flew to Finland. The flight went good and we landed in Helsinki, where we waited for people from other countries. Then we went to Moisio school in Salo. We met there our host families. I was really nervous of meeting my host family. “What if they won‘t like me?” But since the first time I spoke with them, I knew that there was nothing to worry about. They are really nice people and I am glad that I met them.

In the school we ate some Finnish food with strange names. But the food was very tasty and I was stuffed. But there were also some terrible black candies. After dinner we went home.


On Monday morning we went to Moisio school in Salo, where countries introduced themselves and their schools. Then we played some games and we made nametags. Pupils from Moisio showed us their school. We had lunch there.

After lunch we went to Stessi. It is a building for young people, where they can go in their free time. We played table tennis and some funny games there. I was a little bit shy and I didn‘t do more things, what I regret now. But still I had lots of fun.

We went to an art museum, where were controversial photos. I liked it a lot. There were interesting photos showing authors´ view of the world.


On Tuesday morning we were in Perniö. Pupils showed us their school and some lessons. We saw even a church, which is next to the school. Then every country did a presentation about their schools.

After the lunch in Perniö we went to the gym. We did there some exercises, at first it was boxing. When we were done with this, my arms were like jelly. Then we played a game called wallball, then was floorball and urban war.

My host took me to Narikka. It is similar as Steissi, but smaller. We played there billiard, some console games and we baked buns. When the buns were ready, we took them with us, because we had to go home. They were traditional Finnish buns and we made them tasty.


We met in Moisio in Salo. Then we went to ice-skating hall. I can ice-skate a little bit and I really enjoyed it, because it had been few years ago since I did it.

After one hour of ice-skating we went to Turku. We got off the bus by a church. From this place we could go wherever we wanted, so we went to a restaurant to get some food. I was very hungry. We stayed there a long time and we talked quite a lot. It was a big group of us and we couldn‘t decide where we wanted to go. So we just walked through the city and I took lots of funny photos of my friends.

The next point of program was a Finnish ice-hockey match. I like ice-hockey so I enjoyed it, but there were some people from other countries, who had never seen an ice hockey match. So it was a new experience for them. I think they enjoyed it.

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Erasmus+ – trip to Finland /part 2/

by Karolína Gavroňová, 1.C


It was the day in Helsinki. We went to a Sibelius monument at first. It was raining. Then we rode in Helsinki in the bus because of the weather. I saw a lot of pretty buildings though.

We had a little bit of free time so we ate some food. Who wouldn´t like to eat?

Then we went to Megazone. It is a game, where you must shot other teams with laser guns and destroy their base. After a minute pass when you are shot, you can continue in the play. I liked it, even when I was killed few times. Funny moments were when you suddenly noticed you were shot and you didn´t know who or when had done it.

After the game we had some free time, so we went to an art museum. There were the most beautiful toilets I have ever seen. It has its own author. And before the museum we had been in a church, what didn‘t look like a church at all. It looked like a heap of rocks. But inside it was really interesting and pretty church.



On Friday we experienced a common day of our hosts. Two of all lessons were art. I can draw a little bit. When teacher saw my drawings, she began to like me, she gave me some books where I could take a look and asked me to draw something. I left the drawing there. When I was leaving, she smiled at me and she was really nice.

Nea took me to kebab restaurant after school. I mention it because I ate there kebab pizza. The pizza was simply delicious.

Friday was our last day in Finland, that´s why we had a disco in the evening. The disco was fine, but I think we didn´t know each other well enough to fully relax.


I wasn´t happy when I got up, because it was the day when we were leaving. I had packed my stuffs the day before and this morning we just woke up, said goodbye to our host families and went to the bus. The bus took us to Helsinki airport. There we all said goodbye to each other and flew home.

This trip was something, what happens once in a lifetime. It was a great experience. It took just one week and it was the shortest week of my life. But I got better in English language (in minibus on the way from Budapest my friend woke me up and said in Slovak language: “You should call your parents, we are almost home.” I answered in English: “…yeah, I should call them…”). I met lot of new people. I have made international friends. And I have lots of unique memories.

These were pros, but there are also some sad things. For example, I think I won´t ever see most of the people who I had met there. But there are absolutely more good things than the sad ones.

And what is my advice for you? If you see an opportunity like this, catch it and hold as strong as you can and do for it as much as you can. There is some work behind things like this, but it small price. Anyway, the work itself will give you some useful experiences. This way you can´t lose, you can just get.



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Memories of Ima3cooly 2015

By Alexandra Opremčáková

As it happens every year new and new students come to our school  and become a part of our “orange-gympel  family“.

Yes, the freshmen.

Those  cute little freshmen, who walk on school  corridors desoriented, trying to find the right classroom (what is still sometimes a problem for us, older students, though  :D) And…..The older students usually make fun of them .

To become a really valuable member of this „family“ they must  go through different  funny challenges and tasks which older students prepared for  them.

Ima3cooly 2015 took place in Kino Mier in Spisska Nova Ves on October, 23rd.The presenters were Matej Hovan  3rd  E class, and Klaudia Farkašovská  3rd C class, who moderated the show in a very original and funny way. The show started at 4.00 p.m. and was full of funny and crazy scenes and tasks. Our youngest students, for example, had to get through the obstacle course blindfolded, transfer coins by their lips to the lips of their partner, or taste various types of food and then guess what type of food it was. Not only students but also teachers took part in the show. One of the favourite performances was that of our American Fullbright assistant Ashley who recited the poem Mor ho! in Slovak. Videos made by our students could not miss, of course.

Here are some reactions of our youngest students:

Ima3cooly 2015

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The White Night

by Viktória Nguyenová, 4.E


The White night is the most visited festival of modern art in Slovakia. It was originated in Paris in 2002 and in 2013 it had more than two and a half of million visitors. This prestigious international art project is supposed to elucidate the current forms of art.

At this year’s festival, which was held in Košice on Oct 3, you could see many interesting pieces of art. For example: “Mechanical field” by Vincent Leroy, Transtrument by Gábor Pribék, Walden Raft by Florent Albinet and Elise Morin, “Intruders” by Amanda Parer, “Sevenminutes” (it is supposed to be written like this) by Róbert Farkaš, “Inverted capacity” by Onishi Yasuaki and others which you can find on official site of the White night.

On the one hand, I enjoyed all of the art installations which I had a chance to see. Especially Light painting by Jakub Beňačka, Onishi Yasuaki’s work and “Sevenminutes”, which was light intallation placed around a small lake in the City park. It looked like there was a runner running around the lake. Moreover, there was another light installation in the park called “Mechanical field”. It was made of lightened oversized blades of grass. However, it was forbidden to walk among them, which would be very enjoyable for me.

On the other hand, there was a problem with organization, because for me, as someone who have never been on festival before, it was quite difficult to find some pieces of art in town. Furthermore, I missed the signs and the atmosphere such as during the Christmas fair when you can sense it in the air.

Therefore, as i expected it to be much more breathtaking and amusing I can’t really recommend you to go there, but as it takes all sorts of people to make a world I can not recommend you to NOT go. So in my opinion if you truly are an art lover and you don’t seek for artistic atmosphere and you don’t have as high expectations as I did, you should go. And maybe it will be better next year.

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