On the Baltic Coast

by Sofia DOBRANSKÁ, 3.A The Erasmus project „Old spaces new places“ has been running at our school for two years. We completed some interesting assignments but still we longed for going to a partner´s country. At last we visited autumn Latvia. We started our trip in Riga, the capital city that suprised us. There were many beautiful […]

Fun day with social media

The winning story by the students from ERASMUS+ project: E. Schlosserová, L. Viežbová, R. Šofranko,Félix Hadušovský I was walking down the street in a complete dark looking at the screen when I received an email. ‘You have won an amazing trip to a special place in a drawing competition. Click on the link below to find […]

Slovak Christmas in the Past

By: Veronika Šimová   Why do we decorate a Christmas tree for Christmas ? In our territory the main symbol of Christmas was Nativity scene. The tree came to us from German countries only in the 1920s. Of course in noble families, we have known trees since the end of the 17th century.     […]

Our awesome „Imatriculation“

by Sofia Dobranská, 1.A   IMATRIKULÁCIE – a traditional and popular school event took place again at our Orange grammar school. This year´s 3rd graders did their best to succeed in this challenge. „We wanted this event to be a special experience and unforgettable evening. So, how to do it? That was the question for us […]

An essay: Using new technology produces lazy people

It doesn´t matter whether you agree or not with this statement, you should definitely read the essay which was written by Sima Denešová. You may find it inspiring or at least useful as an example how that could be done….