Artificial intelligence and digital revolution

World around us has changed to another level with tremendous speed within last decades. In  1983 human race saw the mobile phone for the first time. Now, not even 40 years from that and our cellphones are completely different. We can have meaningful conversations with them and that is not all. Taking pictures, using apps and they can even recognise our fingerprints or our faces.

Humans are still discovering new ways how to make our lives easier and more valuable with the help of artificial intelligence. Forty years ago we could not even imagine that some machines would help our heart to pump the blood to our system. Today such things happen on daily basis. Machines are doing surgeries all over the world and they are saving thousands of lives right at this moment. Our hands have flaws, but on the other hand  machines cannot do such thing as a mistake.

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But what will happen to us in the next forty years? If human race continues with the same speed as it does now, it is possible that people will be losing their jobs. Machines will replace humans in the factories, because they are much faster and they cost less money. This way, people who are working in factories and larger companies will lose their jobs. But engineers are going to be needed for keeping the machines in check. So, in my opinion job opportunities will change from manual to intellectual.

This world is wrapped in technologies. Surgeries, prosthesis, televisions, 3D printers or even looking some things up on the Internet. We owe all this to that revolution. Maybe in next forty years we will be outnumbered by machines and robots or they will rule upon us. But we are not there and now some people live thanks to this revolution.

This revolution is neither bad nor good, it can be both , but it all depends on us, what are we going to do with it. It is all in our hands, so let us take responsibility and lead the world to better times.

Lenka Lamancová, 2.A