An essay: Using new technology produces lazy people

It doesn´t matter whether you agree or not with this statement, you should definitely read the essay which was written by Sima Denešová. You may find it inspiring or at least useful as an example how that could be done….


Technologies play a key role in our life. They have been used on the daily basis by almost every human. Personally, I completely agree with this statement. I think that thanks to them, our duties, tasks,  … seem to be simpler, but people should also think about the consequences.

To begin with, good example is the younger generation (3-16). In my point of view, it is inappropriate that children either own or they cannot imagine a single day without a PC, mobile, tablet. When parents come home from work, no matter how exhausted they feel, at least a while should have been spent with the kids. But despite this, children are allowed to borrow a mobile and play the games, search on the internet or use the social media. Addiction was created linked with lack of concentration, increased level of explosiveness towards others. Furthermore, with the trend to set up an account on Twitter, Instagram or FB, at the same the number of people solving their psychological issues such as personal disorder or depression has been raised. The influencers, idols, celebrities, who are being followed by these kids,show their ,,perfect life.,, often just a picture, not reality. How it should look like with lots of money, properties, clothes, things which you do not actually need to be happy, but unfortunately they are not familiar with that.  After all, feeling like you are nothing leads to depression.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, most inventions were invented because of human laziness. Nowadays, to shop online you do not have to leave a chair to buy whatever you want. I am really convinced that it is sick to order food from the internet if the shop is only 2 streets far. In my opinion, it is great opportunity to walk, breathe fresh air, absorb vitamin D from the Sun also the same case with socializing. Majority of people lay great emphasis on communicating by chatting. I agree with them up to point. To my mind I am thankful that I could write to anyone about anything, anytime. The reason why I am not identified with technologies is that in real-life situations people could not how to properly communicate by using the whole sentences, observed eye contact or express emotions without emoticons.

All things considered, each human is trying to do his best. We live in the century in which is almost everything possible. It is up to us how we would manage.


Simona Denešová 4.C