All about our Christmas Concerts

As you all know the Christmas Concert is coming! We, the reporters, are so thrilled about it that we decided to ask Ms. Majerníková a few questions.


Q: How many Christmas Concerts have already been at our school?

M: That is an interesting question. Let me see… I think the first one was in 2008 so this will be the 8th one.

Q: Do you think that Christmas Concert is a contribution for professors and students?

M: Certainly yes, because it is an opportunity for all kinds of students to show their hidden talents apart from their knowledge. They play various instruments, they can dance, sing… There we can see such activities, the students take outside the school.

Q: What cannot be missing at the Christmas Concert?

M: Good atmosphere and christmas songs… The whole concert is based on christmas tunes whether students dance or sing. It is all about Christmas.

Q: What should we look forward to at the Christmas Concert?

M: For various numbers. There are going to be several dance performances, thanks to Julieta. She will bring some Colombian rhythms like salsa or bachata. There are also stage dances and other figures to look forward to.

Q:  What does it take to prepare a Christmas Concert like this?

M: It is about teamwork, so apart from me, there are other professors who help with the preparation Mrs. Turcsányiová and Mrs. Repaská then Mrs. Timková with Mrs. Jedináková who take care of decorations and very helpful is Mr. Roško who helps with technical equipment. As I said, it is about teamwork and students are part of the team as well. So we all have to find some time to put it altogether, but we are all excited about it and that is important.

Q: Is something special going to happen this year at the Christmas Concert?

M:  Special? Hmmm…. Not really… Maybe some special costumes and christmas characters will be there too, but that is a secret. I can tell no more. We are still working on it. ;)


Kristína Zahradníková 1.C

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