About a small disgustful dirty dormouse

About a small disgustful dirty dormouse

In one small, disgustful and dirty lair once lived one small, disgustful and dirty dormouse. If you want to know what a dormouse is, I can’t say, because I don’t know as well. This dormouse was very distrustful to everybody, but he was also very smart. He lived alone in his lair and he ignored everybody, except for himself. He didn’t have any family and a long time ago he had lost all his friends. However, he was satisfied, because he loved comfortable calm and secrecy. But the most of all he loved rain. His lair was built on a hill, so water couldn´t flow into it. He simply liked the sound of dripping water.

In one extremely rainy day he was looking through the window and he saw water-level moving up. In the fact he was a really brave dormouse. That day he wasn’t scared as well. He wasn’t stupid, he saw that water-table is quickly moving up and he realised, that his lair could be under the water soon. So he took his luggage and ran away from back door. Dark clouds were coming from North, so he went to South to the lighter sky. He was whistling a song. The dormouse was glad, that he is leaving, he yearned for a new adventures and he wanted to find a place, where people would appreciate and admire him more. So he was stepping to meet better days. Or at least he thought so.

In the night he was sleeping under bare sky. It was a little bit warmer and it stopped raining, but he was starving. I don’t know, what a dormouse eats, but he had a great breakfast. He was still heading south. The next night he spent in a hotel. In the morning, when he was leaving, everything itched him. He got floats! „ I haven´t paid for that! “ – told he to himself and that day he didn´t continue his journey, he was only walking around the hotel. In the evening, when it was getting dark, he came to the hotel from backside. He took his matches and set it in flames. Then he went to the road and he left the city. He heard people shouting: „Fireee…! “ -and „Help! Help! “But he didn’t turn back. In the other village, he entered a shop to buy anti-floats-shampoo. He only had a note with a big amount and the shop assistant had to give him back change. When dormouse left the shop, he found out that the shop assistant had mulcted him. He was so angry! He hated talking with people, so he didn’t come back to the shop. „I wish that everybody in this stinky village died! “ – told he to himself. In the night, a great landslide came and destroyed the village. He ran away in the very last moment, happy that such a horrible thing happened to people, who had mulcted him.

A long time late, the dormouse built a new lair on a hill close to a big city. People from the city often asked him for a hint, because he was very clever. They didn’t know his true face yet and so they liked him. A dormouse was really happy. He thought that his dreams had come true. He finally had a few friends. One day, when a citizen with his wife came for a hint, they found only a crater instead of a dormouse’s lair. Later people were saying that a tornado had killed a dormouse, although it hadn´t even touched the city. Maybe it was retaliation for his misdeeds. Who knows? Never has anyone found dormouse’s body and nobody ever found out what had in fact happened.

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