Travelling to foreign countries is not difficult these days. In this article you’ll find some opportunities of travelling and what you should be careful about.

The easiest way is to pay a language course. The stay should last at least 3-8 weeks. You will gain a language education and a conversational practice. Also you will get to know new country, culture and new friends. You can pay a course and it includes a program out of education. Choose an agency which is on market for a long time and it has experiences with particular courses. For the summer courses you order dates in adequate advance. There are courses which are financial supported from sources of EU. You have to pay only for lodging and food.

Other opportunity is studying for one semester or the whole school year abroad – in the USA or countries in the EU. In comparison to charges, staying in the USA is the most favourable. Students stay in families and attend state grammar schools. Choose the agencies which collaborate with verified partners and respect the conditions and rules set down by state authorities.

The last opportunity is a working opportunity for graduates. It’s very tempting, because you earn money and improve language, too. There are helpful seasonal works, practice in storeroom or hotels. For girls who like children there are Au-pair courses. This type of stays has belonged to the most favourite ones for the last couple of years. Students like it because you improve your language skills in a foreign family and you have a lot of time for attending language courses. Register yourself only in the agencies which have a permission by MPSV (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) and they keep all the rules.
When you choose any kind of stay, don’t forget to take all the necessary documents and contacts. Ideal is if your agency offers you a help-link phone number or another contact where you can call if you need anything. 