The First Runner-up of The Miss Spiša 2018

Every once in a while, you simply have to challenge yourself, go beyond your limits, don’t have the lack of self-confidence and push forward. Sometimes it is in school, where we do our best to finally get rid of all tests we write, sometimes at work, where we will do overtimes to get the job done correctly, sometimes in personal life, where simple kiss can change your life forever.

Today, we have prepared for you an interview with someone, who did not give up in her dream of being a part of the most ambicious beauty contest in the eastern Slovakia, The Miss Spiša, and it payed off! Enjoy the interview with Sylvia Fargašová, the 1st runner-up of The Miss Spiša 2018!

 From left: Sylvia Fargašová, Klaudia Repková, Barbora Chlebovcová.

1) How do you feel after winning the 1st runner-up of The Miss Spiša title?

I was looking forward to it, even before they announced my name. I’m glad for all the people I’d the opportunity to meet.

2) Do you have any plans to continue in model career?

No, I don’t plan to continue in this path.

3) What are your short-term and long-term goals? We know that you study medicine.

My short-term goal is, for certain, to do the exam that’s waiting for me. About that long-term goal, it is to finish the university and to be contented in life.

4) What did you do during the preparations for the finals?

We practised the schedule every weekend and two weeks before the finals we were on trainings in the Tatras.

5) What did you like about the finals the most? What was the atmosphere like, who was the most likeable juror to you?

The entire finals day was awesome, although, it was very demanding as we were 24 hours on our feet, of which the majority of the time we had to dance on the high-heeled shoes. The atmosphere was great, mainly at afterparty. Many famous people were in the jury, but girls were looking forward to meeting actors from the TV series Oteckovia.

From left: Vladimír Kobielsky, Sylvia Fargašová, Patrik Švajda.

The most beautiful finalists and the jury.

Dear Sylvia, thank you for the interview and congratulations on your big achievement. May you have many more years of success and high achievements. You have made us proud!


Ingrid Jančiarová, Martin Urban

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Karate originates in Japan on Okinawa and it has strict rules. One of the most important is that karate can only be used in self-defense. It is one of the oldest sports and has passed through many changes, such as the division of Kata and Kumite. Kata is a complex exercise, there is a Kata for one person and Bunkai Kata for 3 people in which Bunkai is done after Kata. Bunkai is actually an application of kata techniques in practice. There are 2 people in Kumite. In Kumite you get points for strikes and kicks. 1 point is for a strike to the head or abdomen, 2 points are for the kick to the abdomen and 3 points are for the kick to the head. Strikes and kicks on the head must be inspected unless a person is punished. You can get three penalty points for a match where 4. is already disqualification. You can also get C2 punishments for leaving the match, holding, unsportsmanlike behavior, delaying, and more. Also, you are disqualified for 4 contacts C2. The older you are, the longer match time is. Or you can finish the game before time runs out by achieving the difference of 8 points. Karate is a very difficult but also fun sport that will give you everything you need in your life. Besides school.

Source : Karate klub SNV 2016


Šimon Javorský

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The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Do you know the phrase:´The eyes are the windows to the soul?´

I suppose that you do.

And if you think about it, it is true.

When I tested it (staring in peoples eyes… yeah… it was weird), I was very surprised and also, it made me sad. There was a big smile on their face. The laugh that came out from their lips. But when I looked into their eyes, there was nothing. Not even hit of some joyfulness (maybe my jokes were not funny enough ).

The same sad thing I noticed on myself. Sometimes I am pretending that I am fine. I am pretending that I am happy and I feel great. But not every smile is as bright as the one that comes from heart. Because, like everyone else,  I have some troubles going on. But is it really that bad that we have to lie?

In my opinion, it is not. I do it, when I do not want  to bother my friends when it is not big deal. I just prefer to keep it to myself and hide tham with bright smile. But it just takes one  look in my eyes and  you can SEE what are my TRUE feelings.

If you look on it from the other side, you can see good feelings in them too. You can see HAPPINESS.

The sparkles in eyes of the child, who gets a hug (or some candy) from his mother. Or even the sparkle of joy from the good marks. The sparkles that can make your day a better one.

I hope than now we can agree on the truth with this phrase.

Because  eyes are really windows to the soul.

The windows that cannot be closed.

The windows that lead to our heart.

Source :

Lenka Lamancová, 1.A a
Ingrid Jančiarová

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